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The third theory have been used is The Self and Symbolic Consumption. Hellerich et al.(1998) states that endeavoring to create the self in contemporary society is inseparable from consumption, which is central to the meaningful practice of our everyday life (Wattanasuwan 2005). However, The Self and Symbolic Consumption theory is focus on the concept that we employ consumption not only to create and sustain the self but also to locate us in society (Elliott 1994 et al, cited in Wattanasuwan 2005). There have two main purposes to consumption of products, activities or beliefs, the first one is to satisfy ours needs, whereas the second one is to carry out out “self-creation project” in a saturated world (Wattanasuwan 2005). “Self-creation project” means that we desire for a sense of meaningfulness in our pursuit of “being” in order to feel “alive” in this world (Gergen 1991,cited in Wattanasuwan 2005). We can symbolically acquire it from our everyday consumption and to bridge the intermediate state between our selves and others in society. Therefore, in relation to our advertisement, a woman desires to have a beautiful and formal coloured hair within a limited time for a ball. Kao Kiese not only satisfy anyone whose demand to have a colour hair within a limited time, but also provide symbolism that a beauty image for female in a special occasion. Brown 1995 et al argue that so as to seduce consumers in a marketing campaign, the more those signs and images are detached from their referents (i.e. products), and the more malleable and manifold consumption symbolism becomes. In this advertisement campaign, the poster advert and video advert presented the process and before and after image of using Kao Kiese’s product, it illustrated the symbolism of product is stylish, glamorous, convenient and fun.

Gabriel and Lang (1995) claim that whether one is looking for any...

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