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Consumerism – beyond advertising


The effects of consumerism


What is wrong with consumerism?


What can we do about it?



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onsumerism is one of the strongest forces
affecting our lives in the modern world. The term
‘consumerism’ does not simply refer to immediate factors
in our daily lives such as the omnipresence of advertising,
but anything connected to the overarching idea in our
modern society that in order to be happier, better and
more successful people we have to have more stuff.
In this booklet, we will explore the power of
consumerism, how it manifests itself in our lives and the
effects it has on us.

The problem with…...

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...MKT 334 Discussion Question for Consumerism (C-20) Question 1b The set of data that I was comparing had to do with people who avoid buying products advertised on TV shows with sex or violence. Data was compared from seven general demographic variables. The data that I was expecting was the variable that had to do with age and also the variable including young children present in the home. The age category for people 64 or older had the high percentage of 45.5%, whereas the 25 to 34 year age group had the low percentage of 16.5%. I felt like the older audience wouldn’t support buying products that were advertised on TV shows with sex or violence because the older generation is old fashioned and they do not think that sex and violence are things that should be glamorized or publicized. Also I was not surprised to see that households with many young children present would be opposed to purchasing products that are advertized during TV shows with sex or violence because most of the time those shows are not present in those homes and if they are I am sure the mothers in those homes do not support it. The high variable for children at home was 4 or more children was 40.7% and the low variable was for 1 child at home was 22.1% The data that I was most shocked by was the variable including widowed spouses in the household were greatly against buying products that were advertised on a TV show with sex or violence. For the marital status variable the widowed percentage was...

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...CONSUMERISM Consumerism is the idea that personal happiness can be obtained through consumption, the purchase of goods and services. One of the phrases supporting consumerism is "Money can buy happiness." The term is often associated with criticisms of consumption starting with Thorstein Veblen or, more recently by a movement called Enoughism. Veblen's subject of examination, the newly emergent middle class arising at the turn of the twentieth century, comes to full fruition by the end of the twentieth century through the process of globalization. In economics, consumerism refers to economic policies placing emphasis on consumption. In an abstract sense, it is the belief that the free choice of consumers should dictate the economic structure of a society (cf. Producerism, especially in the British sense of the term). | History | | Consumerism has strong links with the Western world, but is in fact an international phenomenon. People purchasing goods and consuming materials in excess of their basic needs is as old as the first civilizations (see Ancient Egypt, Babylon and Ancient Rome, for example). A great turn in consumerism arrived just before the Industrial Revolution. While before the norm had been the scarcity of resources, The Industrial Revolution created an unusual situation: for the first time in history products were available in outstanding quantities, at outstandingly low prices, being thus available to virtually everyone. And so began the era of mass...

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...Consumerism Consumerism has become a way of life for people in the postmodern society. In a broad sense it provides some of the aspirations people live in order to try and create a better life. Religions and traditions have been overshadowed by consumerism, which reinforces the worst aspects in us, an obsessive desire to consume more. This society is driven by materialistic things “The more we consume the better our lives will be” The short story”To Feed the Night” by Philip illustrates how people are affected by consumerism. The young couple in the story barely have enough money to live on, but the husband insists on buying a new house as soon as he gets the opportunity. Whenever the couple buy a house they seem satisfied in the beginning but after a couple of months everything starts looking dull and boring. The husband has no limit to satisfaction, and he is a victim of the consumer society. Consumerism makes a person aim for the best even though they have something that’s good enough. Replacing the old with the new becomes a pattern, for example when women claim they have nothing to wear for a special occasion although their wardrobe is full of clothes. The real estate agent Mr. Bell sells the houses by persuading and manipulating the husband and making him believe he needs more, to create a better future. Just like Mr. Bell the media bombards people with all the advertising from message billboard, TV and magazines. When the media tries to sell a product, they...

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... Consumerism is sometimes used in reference to the anthropological and biological phenomena of people purchasing goods and consuming materials in excess of their basic needs, which would make it recognizable in any society including ancient civilizations (e.g. Ancient Egypt, Babylon and Ancient Rome). However, the concept of consumerism is typically used to refer to the historically specific set of relations of production and exchange that emerge from the particular social, political, cultural and technological context of late 19th and early 20th century capitalism with more visible roots in the social transformations of 16th, 17th and 18th century Europe. The consumer society emerged in the late seventeenth century and intensified throughout the eighteenth century. While some[who?] claim that change was propelled by the growing middle-class who embraced new ideas about luxury consumption and the growing importance of fashion as an arbiter for purchasing rather than necessity, many critics[who?] argue that consumerism was a political and economic necessity for the reproduction of capitalist competition for markets and profits, while others point to the increasing political strength of international working class organizations during a rapid increase in technological productivity and decline in necessary scarcity as a catalyst to develop a consumer culture based on therapeutic entertainments, home ownership and debt. The more positive, middle-class view argues that this...

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...Consumerism is the theory that a country that consumed goods and services in large quantities will be better off economically. Consumerism can also be known as the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically desirable this means that preoccupation with and an inclination toward the buying of consumer goods. Consumerism can be referred to as a policy that promotes greediness in consumers. Consumerism is also sourced as a movement towards consumer protection that promotes improvement in safety standards and truthful packaging and advertisement. Consumerism has a massive effect on the environment. Because of consumerism countries now days misuse land and resources for personal use, this misuse of land and resources is very bad because the countries take more than they can replace. This is therefore detrimental in the long run because not only the environment but also the people are affected by this. Another effect that consumerism has on the environment is pollution. Pollution is definitely related to consumption or increased consumption. That is, the consumption itself, plus the production and waste of products used in consumption. Automobiles are a major examples of where increased consumption causes pollution. Because automobiles are in demand every single day and because other technological advancements in automobile production has increased, there is a vast amount of resources needed to build or assemble the automobiles, minerals like metal need to...

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...2014 8/1/2014 Impact of Ethical Consumerism on Businesses; Sainsbury’s as case study Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 2 Ethical Consumerism Types or Categories 2 Sainsbury’s as a case Study 4 Opinion Survey on Consumerism 4 Conclusion and Recommendations 5 Bibliography 6 Executive Summary In a ethnicity of plenty, where organisation are selling very similar products at almost the same price, and of the same quality to even the similar consumers, These consumers are free of charge to make use of other, ethical criteria in making their choice between opposite options. There are definitely different levels of ethical consumption - with some people being highly morals determined, while some are just getting on a generally satisfactory bandwagon. The reality still that there is a rising crowd of ethical consumers which need to be taking seriously. Because now it is very easy to be an ethical consumer The Internet, press, and magazines are all spreading company’s information about where and how their products and services are being generated. Blogs and customer help desk are also help customers who by one way or the other had terrible experience or who have important inside information to obtain immediate international exposure. Exposing unethical conduct and practices is a definite title for journalists, so business organisation is under more enquiry than before. Businesses like Sainsbury’s are carefully but continuously examining how well they...

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...A prosperous civilization is one which brings high-level of sustainable well-being through economic activity for all the populations. Consumerist lifestyle cause non-essential spending and also it has an impact on the environment as well. Presently people of Australia became more concerned about this and decided to cut back the cost which will help to save the environment. However many economist thinks that it might have detrimental effect on the economic well-being. Consumerism refers to consume any good with higher rate. Depending on the production and selling of goods the whole economy is judged. The gross national product is the sum of total goods and services manufactured for an exact period at an exact time. Higher growth rate is determined on the amount of produced goods and also the consumption of the goods by the society. The per capita income of the individuals used as a base for the judgement of the prosperity of the nation. Therefore, good economy is mainly based on the higher purchasing power of the people. Consumerism has created mass market, industrialization and cultural behaviour that ensure more income to purchase every modern and growing output (Goodwin et al 2009). Moreover this enhanced market and industrialization provides more goods and services to the consumers. It also leads to prompt development of technological innovation, globalisation and fundamental economic modification (Stilwell 2006). Through consumerism lifestyle, people get the chance to...

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... PEPSI’S CONCEPT OF ETHICAL CONSUMERISM By (name) Course: Tutor: Institution: Location of Institution: Date: Executive summary The ethical consumerism market has shifted significantly over the past few decades just as the attitudes regarding the environment and ethical sourcing of products. Unlike in the past decades when consumers were generally ignorant of the information regarding what was being offered to them, today the consumers are more individualistic and informed. A short opinion survey conducted among a sample of 13 students from GSM London to assess the factors that impact consumer behavior have shown that two-thirds of the respondents lean towards the assessment of a firm’s ethical marketing process before making a decision to buy from such a company. Table of Contents Executive summary 2 Introduction 4 An overview and analysis of ethical consumerism 4 Review of Pepsi Co Inc Company 6 Result of the Short Opinion Survey 8 Conclusion 10 Recommendation 10 Reference 11 Appendix 13 Introduction Ethical consumerism is growing in significance influencing customer choices as well as increasing the role played by the social movement in the marketing process (Buechler, 2010, p.13). New unfolding and ethics are pushing customers to participate actively in market participation and also to criticize the market process and retreat from it. This paper will focus on the analysis of factors that influences consumer behavior through an opinion survey conducted...

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...Ursula Wyatt Professor: Dr. Anthony DiMaggio SOC 101 February 1, 2016 Assignment 1: Consumerism & the Formation of Consciousness under Capitalism The documentary’s main concern in my opinion is how to control the masses for the greater purpose of consumerism. Also the documentary kept stating that the purpose was also to control the animalistic behavior that every human being has inside them somewhere, waiting to be unleashed if not controlled properly. In regard to how human beliefs and values are formed in modern society, everything that I watched was true. Scary, but true. Public beliefs are formed through general belief of the crowd and/or people around you. It doesn’t matter what you think, it matters what everyone else thinks. It is eerily interesting to see how one man can bring thousands of people to act a certain way, to believe certain things, to make people buy things. Modern society is really just base off of the thoughts, values and beliefs of whoever is running the show at the time. Whatever the politicians and businesses need you to be thinking and feeling at any point and time is what is going to be portrayed everywhere around you. It is sad if you think about it. Being controlled by society instead of being a part of it to help make a difference. It made me want to never turn my television on again. The relevance of the subconscious/conscious mind as it relates to mass consumerism is quite simple. He who controls the masses control the...

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...Environmental Effects of Consumerism December 18, 2010 By admin Leave a Comment Over consumption of tangible, non-essential products is part of what defines the developed world, with America and Western Europe taking the top prize for consumerism. Unfortunately the rest of the world, including more and more developing countries, isn’t far behind. Consumerism is defined as the need to purchase goods and services that reflect or improve one’s status. Even though it creates jobs and keeps the economy moving, consumerism is taking a toll on the environment. Natural resources are being depleted and the ecosystems are being compromised by disposable plastic products, bottles, and shopping bags. Many items, which were once thought of as luxury items have become necessities. Products are made, quickly become obsolete and are replaced. Items that are disposable, are made to be used only once, or just for fun, flood our markets. The cost of producing products, the raw materials needed and the energy consumed, is not taken into account when cost is measured. Reliance on automobiles, even in countries such as China, where not long ago bicycles outnumbered cars, has made an enormous impact on the environment in the form of pollution and the dependence on fossil fuels. Another negative impact from consumerism is the over consumption of meat, processed food, and fast, ready-made food. Raising livestock to meet the demands of the consumer impacts the water supply, and produces the......

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...In modern times, the term “consumerism” has been associated with a preoccupation with the acquisition of goods and commodities. Traditionally, it has been used with negative connotations – as a “problem” that indicates a lack of discretion among “buyers” and “consumers” regarding what goods to buy and why to buy them in an increasingly commercialized environment. Among Marxist thinkers especially, what happened has been linked to exploitation under industrial capitalism. Consumerism has been associated with the growth of industrial capitalism in Europe from the 18th century and its global spread thereafter – a development that was accompanied by economies of scale and increases in production and productivity. Such increases were sustained by growth in demand, both in the immediate neighbourhood of centres of production and further a-field. Improvements in technology and extensive use of the division of labour enabled manufacturers to produce on a large scale for “wants”, “needs” and “fashions”. Commercialisation of leisure and the penetration by innovative manufacturers, of religious practices, public health, and education reinforced the habits of acquisition and increasing “consumption”. In European society, in these circumstances, availability of goods ceased to be a substantial problem. Rather, more important were means to ensure that they were in demand and “consumed”. If this was not achieved, “gluts” and economic depressions would take place, affecting...

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...Consumerism which is a fact a longstanding international phenomenon, has multitude links with human life because people needs some requirements such as purchasing goods and consuming materials. Nowadays, people’s requirements were increased and consumerism has expanded. People was spurred on consumerism by the capitalism and with the spreading of capitalism, consumerism has increased, because consumerism fuels the capitalism. In addition consumerism has substantially effect of business domain that direct to companies in a competitive trade. Hence, there are three causes such as advertising, marketing and purchasing power that lead to increasing consumerism First of all, advertising has striking effects of consumerism. Nowadays advertising is an effective strategy of selling new products. People often wants to purchase more clothes, cars, bigger house and shoes, because people needs these requirements. Of course when they are purchasing these requirements, advertisement has been advisor to buy them. Advertising exposes people’s desires that have interest to buy something. In addition with the technology age advertisements have been increased and with the more efficient advertisement, people encourage to consumerism. For example; some companies which are selling sport goods they start to use celebrity person in their advertisement and they are using some slogans as well Therefore advertisement has some effect on people and it leads to increasing consumerism Secondly...

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...Kubra Nur Erdemli, SEMA KESKEKCI 21000321, ENG 102-116 OUTLINE TEMPLATE FOR ARGUMENTATIVE PAPER Subject: CONSUMERISM Working Title: consumerısm and the mıllenıum generatıon INTRODUCTION Topic: how does consumerısm affect the mıllennıum generatıon? Definition/Explanation: consumerısm : the state of an advanced industrial society in which a lot of goods are bought and sold • disapproving when too much attention is given to buying and owning things (taken from Millenium generation : The millennials have different characteristics than any generation before them and in order to serve them better, K-12 education and colleges and universities are having to change the way they do business. The millennials have grown up in a society that is very different than any group before them. They have been plugged into technology since they were babies, are a safe generation, are the first generation for which Hispanics/Latinos will be the largest minority group instead of African Americans and have the most educated mothers of any generation before them.  They are the most scheduled generation ever, are true multi-taskers, expect to have 6-8 careers in their lifetime and are attracted to diverse environments. Taken from Disagreement about this issue: Thesis: although some people may disagree, consumerism has affected the millenium generation negatively by damaging their physical health,damaging their...

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...Consumerism Term 3, Lecture 1 Now, consumerism is more widespread than before. Before- What you produce determines who you are and how people look at you Now- Consumption= what is consumed, when it is consumed and how much, determines who you are and how people look at you 2. The roots of consumerism Began towards the end of the 18th century Sugar, tea, coffee- consumerist products With these consumerist products, came the associated pieces (cups, coffee cups, saucers, coffee shops) Consumerism= caused by increased prosperity. As people earn more, they consume more. Social, political and economic revolutions changed people- from this comes consumerism Consumerism becomes feminized- focuses on what goes on in the homes. Which is a woman’s job After consumerism (18th century), women are seen as more beautiful. Before, men were seen more beautiful. Thus women buy more to make themselves more beautiful. Men started to go shopping, as a fun activity. This was not the case before consumerism came along. 3. The growth on consumerism Uneven geographically- consumerism more in urban areas than rural areas a) changes in retailing(shops) changes in retailing boosts consumerism = department stores advertisement boosts consumerism = first in America Peasant societies don’t produce consumerism Changes in media boosts consumerism= radio Kleptomania= compulsion to...

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