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Container House

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shipping container home

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building a shipping container home go to step by step constuction
Remote accomodation is always a challenge in difficult terrain. What follows is an example of using two conventional shipping containers to create 90 square meters of living space in dense rainforest adjoining World Heritage Rainforest. The facility, on a nature refuge is used for rainforest research. The terrain is extremely difficult and accessed via a narrow track made by woodcutters in 1928. The techniques are simple and require only very basic skills. They produce a dry, durable ,vermin proof, comfortable, removable facility with a low ecological impact. See also the excellent container home site: KTainer (external link)

(Earth Science Australia thanks the following sponsors for their support) For the best deals on shipping containers visit New and used shipping containers for sale visit High quality water tanks visit Click on any image for larger image.

Step by Step Construction



shipping container home

We cleared the 1928 timber access track by hand using axes and dragging the material, various distances into the surrounding bush. All mature trees were avoided, all stumps cut horizontal at ground level to prevent tyre spearing. Standard 6m (20') containers were taken down this trackone at a time, on the back of a small tilt truck, the kind used to carry a single car when they have broken down. These…...

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