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Contemporary Business Issues

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Module 1 - The Accoutant As Strategic Business Adviser The Need For Advice 1.4
(9 issues small business entrepreneurs seek advice about - business structure, IP, liability, regulation, contracts, etc) 1.4
(Malach, Robinson & Radcliff 2006) 1.4
(business efficiency & productivity, management information systems, risk management & internal controls) 1.5
(strategic level - selecting appropriate growth strategies, identifying new products and markets, etc) 1.5
(the need for advice variety of reasons - consider the demand for advice arises) 1.5
(Xiao & Fu 2009) 1.5
Table 1.1 - Characteristics Of Different Sized Organisations 1.6
(SE MSE LE - organisation, strategy, customer/community, financial, governance, work force, IT processes) 1.6
Requests For Advice: Operational - Srategic - Global 1.7
(improving operational performance, greater strategic role, globally relevant issues) 1.7
Example 1.1: A Busniess Dilemma 1.7
Counterpoint (opposing arguement, soft skills, first: make the right decision about the services they perform - second:) 1.7
Providing And Implementing Advice (technical skills, soft skills) 1.8
Figure 1.1 - Providing Business Advisory Services 1.8
(issue, requirement, request, investigation, advice, decision, implementation) 1.8
(recommend actions should be well supported, identify key stakeholders) 1.9
Figure 1.2 - The Chain Of Events For Business Advisory Services) 1.9
Example 1.2: Succession Plan - Please Help 1.9 Accounting Roles 1.10
(5 roles as identified by the International Federation of Accountants) 1.10
Example 1.3: Specialist Accounting Roles 1.11 Providing Strategic Advice 1.12
(accounting roles either: reactive or proactive) 1.12
Example 1.4: The First Strategic Decision 1.12
(Hertz, Beasley & White 2009) 1.12
(types advice provided by accoutants: financial management, productivity...

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