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In contemporary healthcare, what is the role of information systems on productivity?

Table of Contents Introduction 1

Literature review 2

Problem analysis and discussion 3 Electronic Health Records (EHR): 4 Computerized physician order entry (CPOE): 8

Conclusion 9

Recommendation 10

References 11

The healthcare industry is undergoing a drastic change in the modern world where the imprints of information technology (IT) are expanding and the combination of these two industries is leading to a new era of computerized hospital information systems. Baker (2008). The importance of information technology cannot be over emphasized for two major reasons, first, where a high level of accuracy is required (which can be fulfilled by digital mediums) and second, where a large size of transactional data exists and the requirement of analyzing this data supersedes (which can be fulfilled by having large databases and analyzing them using IT tools). There are numerous IT based applications in the environment and it has really become a challenge for the CTO of a healthcare facility to decide over the progressive plan for adoption of IT based systems in the purview of health information technology (HIT), computerized physicians order entry (CPOE), electronic health record (EHR) and many other similar programs found across the world. The primary question raised against any kind of IT investment is “how the proposed IT system will improve productivity, tender financial benefits and achieve administrative excellence?” There exists a rich literature on the analysis of IT-based applications in healthcare industry are discussed in the literature review section below. This paper further discusses the latest IT platforms introduced in the healthcare industry like EHR and CPOE, the benefits of these applications for productivity improvement, the...

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