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1. An overview on cyberbullying in higher education.
This article defines bullying as “repeated intimidation, over time, of a physical, verbal, and Psychological nature of a less powerful person by a more powerful person or group of persons”. To date, 18 states have laws to address cyberbullying, compared with 49 states, all except Montana, having laws to address bullying (Hinduja & Patchin, 2013). State laws primarily focus on cyberbullying that occurs on K-12 campuses, and each state requires school district to have policies against bullying. In a K-12 environment, cyberbullying that occurs off campus has been handed off to the parents. The expansion and use of communications technology, such as mobile and tablet devices, has allowed the bully to transform and follow his or her victim almost anywhere, at any time.

Short story/example:
White female student at Duke University. On May 2010, this female student developed a fake senior thesis as a PowerPoint presentation that described her sexual exploits with 13 male students at Duke University. In her fake thesis, she utilized each student’s real name and picture which, in some cases, showed the male student in his university athletic uniform. The female student emailed the fake thesis to three people she considered close friends, and the thesis was forwarded to others undoubtedly due to the salacious nature of the thesis (Seelye & Roberts, 2010). Eventually, the thesis ended up in the public domain on the blog, YouTube, and other social media sites much to the embarrassment of the males and scorn of the student (Hill, 2010).

2. Cyberbullying prevention intervention in Taiwan.
The article talked about a study with 30 students in the experimental group and 31 students in the control group. The experimental group received eight sessions (total 360 minutes) of the teaching…...

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