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Content Analysis of Facebook Data Costa Coffee |
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Date: 5th March, 2013

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Facebook Data for COSTA COFFEE 3
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Consumers choose brands on basis of following benefits. These benefits may be either positive or negative. They can be further categorized as:-
* Functional criteria or M1 e.g. Apple iPhone 5 have smooth finishing, slim (M1 +ve),
Apple iPhone 5 aluminum back get scratch marks easily (M1 –ve)
* Emotional criteria or M2 e.g. iPhone 5 is a status symbol (M2 +ve) Android users consider iPhone users as isheep (M2 –ve)
* Social or M3 e.g. iPhone parts are ISO 14000 certified (environmental) (M3 +ve) iPhone parts are produced in factories where workers are forced to overtime (M3 –ve)
Most brands have started using Social Media to reach their customers. These social platforms are also used by customers to provide their appreciation and criticism of the brand. The comments and feedback by the customers reflects their benefits being derived from the brand. By content analysis of the comments and feedbacks, we can classify them into each of the benefit category to get quantitative data.
A consumer views brand benefits in totality, not as dispersed distinct benefits. There is dynamism among M1, M2, and M3.
Facebook Data for COSTA COFFEE
The following comments have been collected from Facebook pages of PizzaHut from the following URL
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