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Real World Reflection
This “Real World” project was great because it taught us how realistic life is. We all dream of moving out when our parents bother us or make us angry, but in reality, it is quite difficult at our ages to actually be successful in doing so. Of course, there are always exceptions. However, it is difficult because nowadays, with our limited experience and education one cannot really do much. Other than retail jobs or restaurant jobs, etc… I looked for about an hour and a half for a job in this simulation. I checked several different websites but could not find anything. Looking at my resume and experience, I began to alter my job search from retail jobs to something more like being a Nanny. The only experience I have ever had job wise was babysitting. So a lot of the jobs I was looking for in either retail or desk jobs were out my area of expertise. Therefore, I chose a nice full time nanny job, 11 miles from my residence, with better than minimum wage pay. It works out perfectly because I love kids and it seems that my whole life I have been surrounded by them. I am being offered $14 per hour for a Monday-Friday schedule. Calculated out, I would make $560 a week. This then allowed me to search for a place to live. Making $2062.67 with taxes already subtracted, I was able to find a quaint studio in Tustin. The whole house was for rent so that means I wouldn’t have to rent-a-room and live with strangers. That stood out to me boldly, as well as the fact that it was only $900 a month. The rent also included Cable, Internet access, Laundry, and Parking. The biggest challenge in finding an affordable place to live was clearly the fact that we live in Orange County. This meant that we cannot live in the 4,000 sq. foot homes that we are accustomed to. We were blessed to grow up in homes where our parents worked hard to provide for us and allow us to…...