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Real World Reflection This “Real World” project was great because it taught us how realistic life is. We all dream of moving out when our parents bother us or make us angry, but in reality, it is quite difficult at our ages to actually be successful in doing so. Of course, there are always exceptions. However, it is difficult because nowadays, with our limited experience and education one cannot really do much. Other than retail jobs or restaurant jobs, etc… I looked for about an hour and a half for a job in this simulation. I checked several different websites but could not find anything. Looking at my resume and experience, I began to alter my job search from retail jobs to something more like being a Nanny. The only experience I have ever had job wise was babysitting. So a lot of the jobs I was looking for in either retail or desk jobs were out my area of expertise. Therefore, I chose a nice full time nanny job, 11 miles from my residence, with better than minimum wage pay. It works out perfectly because I love kids and it seems that my whole life I have been surrounded by them. I am being offered $14 per hour for a Monday-Friday schedule. Calculated out, I would make $560 a week. This then allowed me to search for a place to live. Making $2062.67 with taxes already subtracted, I was able to find a quaint studio in Tustin. The whole house was for rent so that means I wouldn’t have to rent-a-room and live with strangers. That stood out to me boldly, as well as the fact that it was only $900 a month. The rent also included Cable, Internet access, Laundry, and Parking. The biggest challenge in finding an affordable place to live was clearly the fact that we live in Orange County. This meant that we cannot live in the 4,000 sq. foot homes that we are accustomed to. We were blessed to grow up in homes where our parents worked hard to provide for us and allow us to live in such an upscale area. At times I get so used to the fact that we live here, I don’t realize how fortunate I am and how fortunate we all are compared to so many other people. That is why this was difficult for probably most of us. We will not always have our parents holding us by the hand and providing for us financially. And if we want to be independent and move on, this project does a good job of making the reality of it all stand out and sink in. It also helps us realize that we ourselves must follow what our parents did, such as getting a good education, work hard and start small to work up from there. My biggest monthly expense was my rent which was $900. Ironically, my groceries came into second place price wise. To me this is no surprise, yet at the same time it still astonishes me. I grew up going grocery shopping with my mom all the time. We had the traditional Tuesday Night Costco Grocery shopping every other week. I remember one thing vividly though, and that was seeing the price a couple of times at the cash register. It would always add up to $300-$400! From then on, every time my mom would pull into the aisle and hand over her card I would go wait for her farther away because I dreaded seeing the final price. It made me feel bad. That is why I am not surprised the groceries are so expensive. It just astonishes me because they are so necessary mostly if one is health conscious. My unanticipated expense would probably be Clothes. We buy them so often as well so we may not realize how expensive they are in the long run. But, if I am to live on my own that clearly means I would have to buy my own clothes. We always have enough clothes though to be honest, this would make me more conscientious of my spending on unnecessary goods and focus more on necessities. In all seriousness, moving out on your own at 18 years old is not the smartest of choices. Yes, I do believe it would mature someone rather quickly, but it is very hard to do this without any financial support. And if one truly wants to be independent, it may be extremely hard in this area. I learned for myself that I need to focus on school right now. I am going to UCI anyway, and living at home, so I do not have to worry about it for a while. But it is never too early to start putting money aside and to invest it for that place in the near future.

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