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Return at once to: There can be no duplication of a talent act among the
Miss Black & Gold Pageant Committee contestants. This is determined on a first-come, first-serve basis. The first contestant to register her talent with the State Office is the one who will have preference. Example – two vocalists cannot sing the same song; but a vocalist can sing the same song that a dancer chooses to dance to. All talent presentations must follow the Miss America ruling of no longer than 1:30 minutes in length.

DATE SUBMITTED: ___March 24, 2010__________________________

CONTESTANT’S NAME: ______Christine Kent_________________________________________

TITLE: _____Arkansas District Miss Black and Gold_______________________________________

Telephone: Home (870 ) 243-2078___________ School: ( )_________________ Fax: ( )________

E-Mail Address: ________________________________________

TYPE OF TALENT: ____Drama__________________________________________________ (vocal – pop, jazz, aria, etc; dance – tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical, ballet en pointe, drama; instrumental, etc. Be specific)

Full title of music you plan to use in your talent presentation:



Composer: ___________________________________________ Publisher: __________________________________

Name, address and phone number of the record company: ________________________________________________

Performer’s name on label: _N/A______________________________________________________

Will you use a custom tape? __________________ A commercial tape? _______________ No tape? _______X____________

For Custom Tapes: Please give the name, address and phone number of the person writing the arrangement:

For Non-Custom Tapes: If your tape is a commercial track (produced by a tracking company, but not the original

sound track), please give the name, address and phone number of the tracking company: ______________________________



If your talent will be a Dramatic Reading, Comedy, Monologue, etc., give the name of the book, play or writing you

will use: _______________Original Poem____________________________________________________

Copyrighted: _________________ Author: __Christine Kent_____________ Publisher: _______________________

➢ Will need a desk and a Chair for prop on stage.

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