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Continue the Springdale Shopping Survey at the End of Chapter

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Continue the Springdale Shopping Survey at the end of Chapter

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Continue the Springdale Shopping Survey at the end of Chapter 5 in the Integrated Cases section in Introduction to Business Statistics. You will again need the dataset in the file named SHOPPING that you downloaded from the Premium Web Site in module 1. Write a short report that includes an introduction, a conclusion paragraph and a body which answers fully the two questions posed in the problem. Please include any tables of calculations and graphs associated with this problem in the body. It should be double-spaced and in APA style format.
The case in Chapter 2 listed 30 questions asked of 150 respondents in the community of Springdale. The coding key for the responses was also provided in that earlier exercise. The data are in file SHOPPING. In this exercise, some of the estimation techniques presented in the chapter will be applied to the survey results. You may assume that these respondents represent a simple random sample of all potential respondents within the community and that the population is large enough that application of the finite population correction would not make an appreciable difference in the results. Managers associated with shopping areas like these find it useful to have point estimates regarding variables describing the characteristics and behaviors of their customers. In addition, it is helpful for them to have some idea as to the likely accuracy of these estimates. Therein lies the benefit of the techniques presented in this chapter and applied here.
1. Item C in the description of the data collection instrument lists variables 7, 8, and 9, which represent the respondent’s general attitude toward each of the three shopping areas. Each of these variables has numerically…...

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