Continuing Academic Success

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Continuing Academic Success

Sheri Coleman


August 18, 2014
Lindsey Rudolph, Professor

Continuing Academic Success

According to Curran and Reivich (2011) “How does goal setting increase performance, achievement, and ultimately well-being” (p. 44)? In my opinion, academic success should be included in one’s model for achieving one’s career goals. While some believe continuing academic success is not required to obtain one's ultimate career goal, academic success is achieved by setting goals, fusing one’s learning style with lessons being taught, applying critical thinking skills and utilizing all available resources. During this first course of continuing my education, I’ve learned the tools necessary to become academically successful as well starting on the path to a successful career.
Goal Setting
Setting goals, leads to success because there’s a plan being put into motion. According to Lock & Latham 2002, “Research indicates that when an individual sets a goal that individual shows increased direct physical effort, cognitive effort on repeated task, self-reported subjective effort, and physiological indicators of effort” (p.44). Choosing the online course to continue my education allows me to move at my own pace. Setting goals is directive; goals reveal the path in which I need to follow. All of these actions lead to positive outcomes. (Curran & Reivich 2011, Lock & Latham 2002, Locke & Bryan 1969). Smaller and easier to attain goals should be set; this will allow me to remain persistence and to see that progress is being made toward my career goal. According to (Curran & Reivich 2011, Lock & Latham 2002, Locke & Bryan 1969) “All of these actions lead to positive outcomes”
Career And Academics Goals
My career goal is to become a successful family entertainment business owner. After two previously failed…...