Continuing Academic Success

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Continuing Academic Success

Continuing Academic Success
Achieving success is something that many consider to be difficult, sometimes too difficult to be worth even trying. But there are many tools and processes available to help people be successful. By knowing what these tools and processes are, students are able to achieve not only academic success, but also be successful in many other areas of their lives.
Setting goals is an important step in achieving success. By recognizing your goals, a person is able to comprehend what is truly important to them. Setting specific goals, rather than general goals, encourages people to work harder to obtain their goals. A few important factors in setting goals include tracking progress, goal importance, complexity of the goal, and commitment (Locke & Latham, 2006). In order to reach your goal, you must first ascertain whether that goal is realistic and achievable. Once you have established this, the next step is to formulate a plan with clear and consistent steps to help you reach your goal. The steps in the plan not only guide you down the path, but also provide encouragement to continue working toward goal achievement as each step is completed.
The goals that you set can be in any area of life, including educational and career goals. For example, one educational goal for myself is to maintain no less than a B average in each of my courses. Of course, I would love to maintain an A average, but that goal is not as realistic and as easily achievable as a B average, which I am satisfied to receive. I will still put in the same amount of time and effort, without increasing the chance for failure and ultimately discouragement to continue in the program. In order to achieve my educational goal, I plan on following a simple and clear plan with steps that include time management and using the university resources…...