Continuing Academic Success

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Continuing Academic Success
Jason Owens
December 4, 2014
Brandon Henry

Continuing Academic Success
Continuing academic success can be achieved through creating goals, knowing your personal learning style and how the writing process can help you, and also by knowing which resources can be used to help you reach your goals.
There are a few types of goal setting that can help you to be successful during you academic career. One of these is short term goals, which can be described as something that you would like to accomplish in the very near future i.e.: a day, a week or even a month or two. A few examples in my case are showing up to school on time with my homework turned in or planning what I might want to do on the weekend. It may also include planning what I need to do to accomplish the set goal. Another type of goal is long term goals. A long term goal can be thought of as a goal that will take an extended period of time and/or planning to complete. This type of goal is usually set when something will take you more than a year to achieve. This is the category where your future usually falls into, whether it be to complete your degree program, find your dream career or maybe even start a family. All of these things take large amounts of time and planning to do the things that will be needed to accomplish any of the tasks. By creating goals, you give yourself a way to track your success. It should also help you to stay organized and focused so instead of getting behind you are right where you want to be at all times.
Personal learning style is also a huge factor in you continued academic success. Your personal learning style tells you the best ways for you to work, study, plan, and organize everything so you can be the best student you can be. The better you understand how you learn the sooner you can start boosting your academics to their…...