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I have always been a mediocre student, my grades were average or below. Never cared to pay attention in class, it was terribly boring and ridiculously redundant. While a degree is not absolutely necessary for my career goals, I must have a vision in order to be more successful. Previous attempts have failed because I lacked goals outside of the classroom. I have merely skated by with not a whole lot of focus or even any sort of vison in mind. Now that have a mission, creating a set goals for my future will not be a problem. Especially with all that amazing tools that are readily available provided by the University of Phoenix in the university library. I am hoping they will help alleviate many of the stress associated with going back to school at thirty-two years old.
In order to complete my educational and career goals I must have a vision for each in order to succeed. Finish business degree and learn how to apply knowledge. May only concern is getting through what I would call filler classes. If I am not interested in a topic, I cannot focus on it. I have read many books in my day but not one of them has been fiction. Cannot stand to read fictional stories about things that are completely irrelevant to being. I choose work related and science based material because that is what I am interested in. Writing on the other hand, I feel as if I have permanent writers block. I suppose I need to learn to just let it flow and edit later. This not only applies to my educational goals but also to my vision of my business. The culture of a business can make or break it, for many reasons. ‚ÄúCulture is an important part of the overall strategy of the business and helps ensure a growing organization will continue to meet the expectations of customers that were established by the entrepreneur during the early start-up of the venture. For many businesses their success has been…...