Continuing Academic Success

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Continuing Academic Success
Continuing academic success goes further than just being in good standing within a university, or showing adequate progress towards a degree. It also includes creating your own goals that you need to work towards while continuing your education. Whether those goals are purely academically based or those goals pertain to what you want from your schooling to better your career and life, that decision is up to you. In the following paper I will share with you my own personal struggles with continuing my academic success, and the resources I used from my first course at the University of Phoenix to overcome those struggles.
My Setbacks with Continuing Academic Success
When I started the long journey of returning back to school I had many fears running through my head that made me feel that I may fail on this path of bettering myself. I had a fear of reading. Now that may sound strange, but I have always found focusing on reading a book challenging. I could read the words, and most of the times understand them, but my attention to the book would always drift. I had fears of staying on task and completing assignments on time. I felt that my life may be too busy to go back to school. I’ve always had the fear of writing papers. I’ve prided myself on being able to speak well and sound educated, but to actually sit down and write a professional paper scared me and made me feel ignorant towards a basic step in the academic process. In the past I have also struggled with asking for help, and relying on other individuals. Making the choice to go to the University of Phoenix to better myself has so far been a phenomenal choice to continue my academic success.

Pushing Forward Through My Setbacks
Within my first short five week course (Foundations for University Success) at the University of Phoenix, the studies and exercises have taken most of…...