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Creating success in life and with business requires us to move in the direction of the goals we set for ourselves. Without goals we lack focus and direction. Goal setting allows us to take control of our life’s direction, and gives us a guide to determine if we are actually succeeding. To accomplish our goals, we need to know how to set them, it is a process that starts with consideration of what we want to achieve and ends with a lot of hard work to get there. Effective goal setting is the surest path to success.
“They used their failures as learning experience and were not deterred from continuing to set goals. Instead each man held to a belief in himself as he continued to pursue goals in which he so strongly believed.” (Wilson & Dobson, 2008, p.16) Everything is a learning experience, the good and the bad, has something to teach us, it’s important that we pay attention to what that is. “On the contrary, you are likely to achieve goals that you align with your values and carefully developed, and that are supported by others.” (Sternberg &Wetzel S.R. 2001, pg. 7)Setting goals that motivate you is the first step to being successful, something that is important, that has value to me, is getting a degree in computers. This degree in computers allows to me to find a career in the computer industry, or I can work for my husband’s production company.
The writing process is a crucial component in your education and career. How you write speaks volumes about you as a person. If you have incorrect grammar, spelling and usage make a bad impression and can affect your credibility. Typos, slang and bad grammar send a negative signal, it is important to look over your own writing, or ask someone else to review it as well. Another important resource is the Ethical Lens. The relationship lens that I identify with is the relationship lens. I use my reasoning skills…...