Continuing Academic Success

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Continuing Academic Success
Sylvia Hayes
Gen/201 - Foundations for University Success
February 9, 2015
Jason Decremer

Continuing Academic Success
There were so many fears that held me back from going back to school. The cost, time, the fear of failure all played a part in me putting off making such a big decision in my life. Being that I am also married and together we have a 3 year old boy makes the situation even more difficult. Being a mom, wife and working a full-time job is a lot of responsibility and to add one more task to the pile was really pushing it. After much thought and talking to my husband I made the decision to attend University of Phoenix. Going back to school wasn’t an easy decision for me, but setting academic and career goals for myself while also keeping my motivation in mind at all times will help me through this journey.
While attending school I have made a conscious decision to be enrolled in school non-stop with no breaks in-between until I graduate. I calculated that I will be enrolled in school for 3 straight years. Setting this specific goal for myself will guide me to success. The fact that I am optimistic and open-minded will ease me through this process. According to Bressler, Bressler, and Bressler (2010) “Optimism many times will be a significant contributor for behavior and can motivate individuals to persist in pursuing goals with enthusiasm” (pp.37-51). I have learned the hard way that as much planning and organizing that I do, things will almost never go as I planned. This caused me to have a negative attitude and have a bitter view on the entire situation. I now walk into situations with an open mind and my expectations are more reserved, so that anything can happen and my emotions will not overtake the situation.
Once I complete the goal of graduating and obtaining my bachelor’s degree my next goal…...