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Continuum of Process Care

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Continuum Of Care Process
Traumatic brain injury can be a very serious problem among adults in the U.S. It can occur without warning and can change your life in an instant. Brain injury is responsible for a substantial number of deaths and even permanent disabilities (“Traumatic Brain Injury,” 2014). In order to treat this type of injury adults usually undergo a step-by-step process through different health care settings. The patient would seek assistance from a hospital, their healthcare provider, pharmacies and from pharmaceutical companies. All these health care settings work together to enhance the health and wellness of our communities.
The first step in this process is hospitalization. From the early 1700’s to today, the development of the hospital in the US has drastically changed. In the beginning, they provided care for the very poor. Today, however, physicians are more interested in providing care to other social classes and communities (Barton, 2010). If an adult is getting treated for a traumatic brain injury, then physicians will most likely use a CAT scan to see the severity of the injury and to generate a clearer view of the patient’s anatomy. The use of the CAT scan is directly related to biotechnology companies. They are companies that manufacture medical equipment for different healthcare organizations. This equipment provides hospitals with state of the art technology to detect and treat various diseases. A patient will also be given some medications to take which the patient’s health insurance provider will pay the pharmacy. The hospital may have its own pharmacy in some cases but if not then the patient will have to find a pharmacy that he or she can easily go to. Another health care process for adult injuries is health insurance. It is the major financing system for health services in the United States (Barton, 2010). Health...

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