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Understanding Continuum


Understanding Long Term Care

Long Term care is a range of services and support that patients may need as they age to meet there every day ADLs or Activities of Daily Living. Most long term care is not medical care it is care that is given to a patient that has had and acute or chronic illness. For examples if a patient gets in a car accident and becomes paralyzed from waist down they most likely will need assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting and eating those are examples of ADLs.

What is Continuum of Care? Continuum of Care services in the U.S. is an integrated system of care that will guide and track a patient over time spanning all levels of intensity of care, providing a model to guide daily decisions about the patient’s healthcare delivery. Furthermore continuum of care is meant to guide post for a patient to have their overall care managed. For example a patient can receive assistance with basic care like setting up doctor’s appointments or more extensive care such as hospital care. What are the problems with Long Term?
Long-term care is one of the greatest challenges facing the health care delivery system today because of the cost. With the rising cost of healthcare period in the U.S., long-term care services are more extensive due to the fact that many people are living longer this is causing a lot of work place shortages , quality of care is being jeopardize and also the financing is at stake. For example my grandmother had a long term life insurance from the early fifths but when it came time to use it for assistance they said her amount had depreciated due to the amount of time she had but she lived longer then her life expectancy. Long term care is hitting the health care hard with it cost trying to find a profit out of it is slim to none years to come it is predicted that...

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