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1. Contraband: illegal or prohibited traffic in goods taken into or out of a country, it also goods or merchandise whose importation, exportation, or possession is forbidden. 2. Contrabandism: the illegal actions about trade of some company or organizations.
With the economy crisis and lots of difficulty in business, many companies choose the way of illegal trade to enhance their flow of work as well as increase the amount of profits, such as smuggling, hoarding, and tax evasion…
Nowadays, the globalizing trade is more and more developing and the need of exchanging products of countries has immensely contributed to world’s economy. Taking these advantages, some firms have maximized their profits through the action of contrabandism.
This status has caused many issues to our economy and raise the number of crime involving smuggling, drug dealing, contraband… Furthermore, this kind of this action will cause the bad effect to consumer’s benefits and their belief in some kinds of products. Take contraband cigarettes, for example. Not only is contraband cigarettes killing small businesses and threatening the livelihoods of many convenience store owners, but it is also robbing government millions of dollar every year because these are cigarettes that are being illegally imported among countries with absolutely no government inspection, testing, oversight and taxation. Moreover, many organized crime groups use the lucrative trade in contraband tobacco to finance other, more serious criminal activities such as contraband drugs and guns.
As a result, we should avoid this type of business that causes severe damages to the development of worldwide economy.
Wal-Mart's history is one of innovation, leadership and success. Wal-Mart was founded...

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