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Contract and Event Management

1.1 The main characteristics of the contract and Event catering sectors.

In the UK catering market, contract caterers are the key players and they are expert operators who are destined to take charge of the catering amenities for a whole variety of organisations.
Likewise, growth in the recent years has been through the food service market as it has developed.
The UK’s contract catering sector is subjugated by international operators, for instance; Sodexho, Aramark, Compass etc...
Bearing in mind this causes rivalry between these companies which therefore creates competition.
Furthermore, in order for a small sized food and drink business to proceed and get in the market they must therefore find a way to work alongside those that are more highly levelled, specialised and experienced for catering wholesales or those that already serve to larger well known companies.

The Benefits of Contract Catering

Contract catering business has many benefits which include;
• Fall in distribution costs
• Expand experience of the foodservice industry
• A one way route to a large number of outlets.
• More advanced, more lucrative.
• Potential growth in one of the fastest growing sectors of the UK catering market.

Getting Started

Start with the strategy: The recognition of contract catering has advanced revenue streams that would have been expanded from the companies planning and evaluated in order to authorize.
Heres a list of key questions you could ask the business:

• Evaluate the key characteristics of the contract catering sector and ensure that your business tactics fit within these. While the prices are a key driver, modernization and quality of service are even more necessary in this particular sector. Do you sell to, or work with other manufacturers or wholesalers that surely provide contract caterers finally; have…...