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Protection of Wrecks Act 1973

Any supplement of a vessel being protected stated under the Protection of Wrecks Act 1973 would have to be protected under certain subsections of that legislation. In this respect, the first point to address is if the vessel was found in a distraught place under s.1 (1) (a) ‘the site of a vessel lying wrecked on or in the sea bed;’ suggests any vessel unprotected or unguarded, would have to be protected. As stated in s.1 (1) (b) ‘the site ought to be protected from unauthorised interference’ suggesting any person interfering with these vessels would be committing an illegal offence and could be contributing to satisfying all the necessary requirements set out in the Act.
Secondly, due to the importance of the vessel being a historical antique, it is therefore valuable; and therefore the vessels are more likely to be kept under protection. As ‘s.1 (1) (b) stresses the value of vessels by describing it as ‘historical, archaeological or artistic.’ It could be argued that this defeats the sole purpose of keeping the vessels safe. Furthermore, the subsection has reference to ‘any object contained or formerly contained in it which it may be lying on the sea bed in or near the wreck may be protected’. Any content in the vessels that is lying on the sea bed in or near the wreck is also treasured should also be protected under section 1 of the act.
In reference to s.1 (2) (a) ‘the restricted area shall be all within such distance of the site (so identified) as is specified in the order, but excluding any area above high water mark of ordinary spring tides’ indicating that the restricted area should be any area with an identified distance and not an area with high water mark otherwise it is no longer classed as a restricted area and vessels would not be protected under these grounds. Under the Protection of Wrecks Act 1973, any individual...

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...Introduction This essay is to discuss the nature and confusions with Parol Evidence Rule. To do this, the rule will be described and be reviewed with a brief history. Debates will be given after, in order to project its application and suitable situations to be influential. Nevertheless, exceptions, where the rule does not have such influence and cannot be applicable will be argued after. Finally, its application in prevention of further objections for contracts will construct the final deliberation. Ultimately the discussion will be concluded as a brief review to what has been done. Debate Parol Evidence Rule (PER) is a consideration of substantive common law that applies to contracts and eliminates parties to encounter any previous parol and oral evidences, with respect to their written total agreement (Corbin, 1944 and Blum, P: 2007, 348). According to Lawrence (1991) the history of the addressed rule travels to when agreements were made credible by written stamped latters, due to the impact of mystical and formal combination; where such formal evidences are nowadays a considerable factor for many courts to conclude justice. The rule was primarily established in 17th century English common law and has since been distributed among the other regions’ system of justice (Beveridge, 2000). Contract parties usually approach a set of common agreements after their interests are deliberately criticized and defended (Alces, 2005). A construction contract can be observed as an......

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