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This agreement is

_______________(bodyguard’s name) hereinafter referred to as Bodyguard and

Individual and/or Company:________________________________________Client’s name on above line.
Represented by: _____________________________________

Hereinafter referred to as Client.

A usable copy of this contract follows this explanation. All the first part, above, is doing is stating that this contract is between (fill in your name) and the client. (Fill in his personal name, company name, address). The client may want to have his attorney see this contract.

1. Purpose of Agreement: Circumstances have lead Client to believe that he, or other parties, are being targeted by criminal forces of some kind and he hereby agrees to contract with Bodyguard to provide personal protection services for himself and/or other parties for the length of time specified in this agreement.

NOTE: Purpose of agreement. This is a statement stating that your client needs your assistance, and you are negotiating this agreement.

2. Duration: This contract shall be for a period of____________________________ from the below date. Contract must be signed by both parties and will remain in force unless terminated under conditions listed in Paragraph 3. If this contract should be terminated, for any reason, before the expiration date payment client agrees to pay bodyguard a fee calculated at a per day minimum of $400 daily,

NOTE: Duration, #2, how long will this contract last, and the next paragraph (#3) stipulates how it can be cancelled

3. Termination: This contract may be terminated under the following conditions: (a) Agreement may be terminated by Client at any time; (b) Bodyguard is required to provide a 24 hour written termination notice.

NOTE: Termination clause is quick and simple. If the client changes his mind, he can fire you. You can quit by providing a 24 hour notice. (If you and the client cannot get along, break off the relation quickly.) If at any time client dismisses bodyguard he agrees to pay his fee home from whatever location in which they may be.

4. Bodyguard fees (salary): Bodyguard is to be paid a salary of $__________ per week; first week in advance. Federal income tax and Social Security will be deducted from wages by Client.

NOTE: Your fee; that is how much are you to be paid. This states you will be paid $???? Per week, in advance, and the client will withhold Social Security and Income Tax. A minimum fee is calculated at $350 USD daily. This depends on the amount of risk involved and the experience of the bodyguard (minimum $350 daily). This can be as high as $700 daily in extreme risk situations and for very experienced agents.

IN ADDITION - a) to salary, client will pay the sum of Two Hundred ($200) hourly for work conducted under threat of danger; this is defined as any time Client is threatened or attacked.

NOTE: Hazard pay. If you have to defend the client by use of weapons, hands or fleeing in a car, you will receive a $200 an hour bonus.

b) Bodyguard shall be paid living expenses as part of this contract.

NOTE: All your living expenses will be paid by the client.

c) Client shall provide Bodyguard an extra weekly sum to pay incidental expenses that will be incurred for Client; this shall include any and all travel expenses. Usually the Client provides a credit card for bodyguard to pay said expenses.

NOTE: Your expenses will be paid and you’ll receive what is called a per diem. This is your “allowance” so you will not have to spend your money while you are with the client.

d) Client agrees to pay Bodyguard, or his attorney, for other expenses incurred as a result of this contract as follows:

NOTE: There may be other expenses which the client will agree to pay.

e) If during the course of his employment Bodyguard is charged for any criminal/civil offense Client will pay any expense, including legal defense and any fines or judgments entered against Bodyguard. This is for charges incurred in behalf of Client.

NOTE: If you, as the bodyguard, are charged with any kind of criminal offense because you are serving your client, the expenses for legal fees, fines, etc. will be paid by client.

f) If Bodyguard is imprisoned (jailed) due to his employment with Client, it is agreed that salary will continue to be paid at the same rate specified above.

NOTE: In the event you are arrested and jailed, or imprisoned, your salary will continue to be paid while you are locked up.

5. Provision for Insurance: Client agrees to provide the following insurance protection:

NOTE: Insurance protection is important; it needs to be included in the contract. 1) Bodyguard will be provided with a term life insurance policy in the amount of $250,000 payable to Bodyguard's beneficiary.

ii) plus major medical insurance for $____________ coverage.

iii) this medical insurance to further provide disability provisions for a sum of One Hundred Thousand ($100,000).

NOTE: Get as much insurance as possible. If the client’s corporation has an insurance division, it will be easy for him to arrange. Get this settled before you go to work. It doesn’t do any good to get insurance after something happens.

iv) Client will, in addition to the above, provide a Performance Bond to guarantee the provisions of this contract, especially imprisonment, legal fees and fines.

NOTE: You may, or may not, obtain a Performance Bond. The client may not object, but then again, perhaps he will.

`Duties Of Bodyguard: Bodyguard agrees to make every effort and attempt to protect Client or designated other parties from physical or bodily harm of any type. Client understands that Bodyguard cannot guarantee the provisions of this paragraph and only promises to do every thing within his power.

NOTE: Do your job, and then a little more. Is this important, yes - and for a very selfish reason: there’s an old saying, “Dead clients don’t pay.”

7. Working Time Schedule: Bodyguard's working hours shall be at Client's convenience at anytime during each 24 hour period, although performance of duties will not exceed eight (8) hours at any one time with additional payment per day of one and a half (1-1/2) times the regular hourly rate. This to be figured on a daily basis, and not a weekly, or monthly.

NOTE: What hours are you agreeing to work? Remember, if you work too long without rest your capability to respond promptly is impaired. Get your rest. You’ll discover that “rest” can be a weapon.

8. Client's Guarantee of Legality: It is agreed, without question, that Bodyguard is unwilling to perform any duties that might be construed as being illegal, criminal or felonious. This applies to whatever locality in which duties may be performed.

NOTE: The client guarantees that you will not be requested to do anything illegal or against the law.

9. Disclosure Guarantee: Client by signing this contract below guarantees that all relevant information in regard to this contract for employment has been disclosed and any additional duties or responsibilities are not incumbent on Bodyguard.

NOTE: The client guarantees to inform you of all the details of the job, especially the potential amount of hazard.


This is self-explanatory.

10. Severability: If any portion, part or Paragraph of this contract should be judged illegal it is agreed by both parties that the rest will remain in force.

NOTE: “Severability.” You may never have noticed it, but this clause is included in most contracts. If any part of the contract be found illegal, only this part will be included. The rest of the contract is still valid.

11. Legal Jurisdiction: Client agrees that if Bodyguard is forced to institute suit to enforce terms of this contract that the address provided on the first page of this contract will be considered the legal address for process, and the terms of this contract shall be applicable under the laws of the State of ____________.

NOTE: This is an important clause. If you live in Georgia, and your client lives in Delaware, the client’s address will be the legal address. If you should go to court, it’ll have to be in Delaware.

The Delaware court has no jurisdiction in Georgia.

12. Attorney's Fees: This contract includes all reasonable attorney fees and other costs in the event of litigation.

NOTE: This sentence states that the client be held responsible for attorney fees and court costs in the event of litigation.

13. The above constitutes the entire agreement between Client and Bodyguard and no representations, guarantees or warranties have been made other than those specifically included herein.

NOTE: Pay close attention to this. For any provision to be included in this contract, it must be written herein. If the client tells you he will give you a bonus of $500,000 if you’ll shine his shoes for him, it doesn’t mean a thing unless it is written in the contract.

Client’s signature:____________________________________________


Witness:_____________________________ Date:_____________________________

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