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IBPS clerk interview best successful tips: all questions answered.
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March 13, 2012 - 40 weeks 8 hours ago
IBPS has been one of the most successful organizations in the recent months in giving the Indian job seekers a ray of hope to enter the banks. The public sector banks will be calling up nearly 1 lakh candidates for interview from the list of IBPS clerk passed candidates. The query for IBPS clerk interview pattern and techniques to crack them has been the major concern among the candidates in the recent reports. So, the most effective and best IBPS clerk interview success tips have been bunched up together in this article and presented before the candidates to get most out of the public sector and private sector bank clerical interviews in the coming months.
This report has been made up by some of the successful candidates in PO and clerical interviews from the major banks. Lets get into the questions and their definite answers.
Query on how should I present myself in front of the judging panel?
Ans: You should be correct on time and keep an eye on your documents that they are properly stacked according to preference or not. It shows a disciplined character of the candidate towards the panel. Dress up in formals and keep hairs and nails neat and clean. When you are to enter the room, ask for permission in a calm yet confident tone. And ask if you can seat when you go in front of them, sit when they ask you to sit. Calmly be firm and straight in your posture and look towards everyone when answering their questions. This makes the judging panel feel that you are confident and ready to answer them. Also it shows your clarity on the subject and makes them interested towards you, which is very important for any type of interview.
Introduce yourself.
Ans: The judging panel has an introductory common question and that is your...

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