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Controversial Ad Campaign

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Roger David is the market leader in young men's fashion and accessories
The above image ( shows the banned advertisement from Roger David.

In mid 2011 Roger David released an advertisement for their new clothing line “New Love Club” through an email campaign to their existing customer base. The advertisement featured a teenage girl, gagged with a Union Jack, a barcode tattooed on her shoulder with the words “slave” written beneath it and she was forming a love heart shape with her hands. The advertisement featured the text “New Love Club” and the Roger David logo.
It is reported in the ASB Case Report (2011), that he Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) received complaints from the public that the advertisement was offensive due to its representation of young girls as vulnerable and slaves and lacks sensitivity to the growing child exploitation and sexist depiction of girls and women.
Upon investigation by the Advertising Standards Board the advertisement was found to have breached the AANA’s Code of Ethics. ASB Case Report (2011). Section 2.3 of the AANA Code (2009) states that an advertisement shall treat sex, sexuality and nudity with sensitivity to the relevant audience. On this basis, the Board determined that this section of the Code was breached and the advertisement was discontinued.
The advertiser responded to the investigation and in the ASB Case Report (2011) they commented that the girl was 18 years old at the time of the photograph. They believed the advertisement did not portray sex, sexuality or nudity and in fact the advertisement was issued as response to political issues that affect their target and the need for their market to have a voice.
This report conducts a critical analysis of the advertisers objectives and communication strategy, the target audience and their response and finally...

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