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Controversy in Country Music

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360 (Final Draft) The genre of country music has brought about many controversial issues, like in the example of Carrie Underwood’s catchy tune, cheating and retribution. The bluntness of this enriched genre of music, based on our patriotic roots as Americans, gives off a distasteful and bitter taste to those who don’t see themselves above country- loving or uneducated ‘hicks.’ Critics of country music in the article ‘Acting Naturally: Cultural Distinction and Critiques of Pure Country’ cannot comprehend what is portrayed in this type of music, something of which us ‘hicks’ like to refer to as the ‘simple life’. Country music may be controversial, but it has been able to overcome the stereotypes so that now even those who aren’t living the ‘country life’ can enjoy its passion- filled quality. Country music has always been a very popular form of expression that has been loved by people since its’ beginning in the stereotyped, southern sound form. Also considered to own the fastest growing audience in America, country music has certainly earned its place being the favorite form of music in many people’s hearts. However, just because we as we choose to listen to this music, does not mean “we're all store-bought cowboys and armchair hillbillies.” In fact, classifying a person according to the music they decide to listen to does little to describe the actual person. These people are found in all different types of music; limiting these trend lovers to just country music is certainly a sign of ignorance. The Country music industry has developed itself to have a vast majority of listeners. The thought of a person who enjoys listening to country being lesser educated or even having an inferior taste in music is malarkey. From personal experience of listening to Country I have found that it puts me in a better mood, which in turn makes it more enjoyable. Country music is just that, music for the country. Imagining a long day of work in the sun, and the desire to sit down and relax. The last thing one would want to do is listening to music they had to analyze or decode to appreciate. Country music originally provided an outlet or enjoyment for less- educated, however, now many shorts of people can appreciate the suppleness and reliability. Critics of country music believe themselves to be too intelligent to listen to a song dealing with the repetitive issues of “my wife left me, I lost my job, and the dog died.” However, though these issues are directly told, they are issues that easily affect all walks of life. Some may feel like listening to the simple music may kill brain cells, but realistically, its simplness is its beautiful and fine asset. People from all walks of life can enjoy its stories. There are two sides to every song. The first side of the song is the artist’s intent while writing the song. In country music, much of a song’s lyrics are written in the form of a story. The artist uses the song to describe a feeling of a situation. Whether that is joy, anger, sorrow, or misfortune, the artist is simply expressing the feelings inside. “The most flamboyant country music--the lyrics, the characteristic instrumentation and vocal techniques, and the stars of country music, taken together--often functions as a sly, even campy, announcement of the fact that it is a performance rather than a spontaneous expression of some pure emotion or state of being.” The second side of the song is the audience’s reaction to the song. Numerous consistent listeners express opinions and the artist often has to try and fit the needs of these followers in order to keep their fans, as well as their popularity. Although this may be pulling the artist away from writing natural expression, this does not indicate that the music is no longer true to what the artist feels. Instead the artist in adapting to the change of culture, and is pursuing a career of something that person loves. Change in inevitable, and those who can’t adapt, will not make it in the business. The music industry is one of the hardest places in the world for a single person to make a name for his or herself. In order for one to become successful in this industry, it is necessary for the artist to know what types of music are successful in that time period. One of the qualities that come with being a good musician is being a good performer. But no musician will ever ask how well he presented himself when the real question that ponders the artist is how well the music is and was the message or statement they were trying to get across affect the audience. Country music has had a great influential presence in music history. From Brad Paisley leaving his girl to go fishing to Carrie Underwood taking a Louisville slugger to both headlights, this music tends to be the most relatable and some of the most comforting music to listen to. Its music in no way is for the lesser educated, the messages portrayed in songs may be simple, but they contain messages that can relate to all.

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