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Convergence of Reliigion

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The Convergence of Science and Religion

Philosophy of Religions

January 31, 2014

Science involves a body of abstract knowledge that has been arrived at through scientific research and logical analysis. Charles H. Townes is an award winning scientist, who in this article, attempts to convince the reader that the disciplines of science and religion are complimentary ideals. Townes intends to display that the use of one does not negate the use of another. He explained that since both notions are universal, then they have similarities. Townes convergence theory of both science and religion were evidenced by the use of scientific examples, along with personal accounts and experiences of well known scientist and religious figures.
What the People Think
The masses remain divided in terms of personal beliefs on the topic of science and religion. This is true to this day. Some view them as two separate entities altogether with no connection. They may choose to have a higher regard for either science or religion, and view the other as an outright impairment with destructive qualities aimed toward the quality of mankind. In contrast, there are individuals who recognize and accept both components of science and religion, yet maintain them severed in their thought processes.

Science vs. Religion
The affiliation between religion and science has been a theme of study spoken on by not only scientists, but philosophers, theologians, and others. Perspectives from different geographical regions, cultures, and historical eras vary, with some characterizing the relationship as one of conflict, others recounting it as unified and harmonious, and others proposing modest interaction. The extent to which science and religion may attempt to understand and describe similar phenomena is part of the demarcation problem between science and non-science. Science and...

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