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Conversion Testimony

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A Conversion Testimony for the Purpose of Course Completion

Submitted to Dr. Kwame Aidoo in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of

EVAN 525
Contemporary Evangelism


Jerummie H. Weah
June 28, 2014

Most people are dead on point in giving the time, day, date, month and year of their conversion to accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior. On the contrary, for me— conversion to Christ was what I would consider a given from the Almighty God. I say this because my father was not supposed to be a Christian, and on and on generation after the other we as the Mah- Saylee Clan of the Grebo Tribe of Eastern Liberia were supposed to take after our grandfather. Not many years back I would like to estimate at about the 1950s, my grandfather was a Zoe or chief witch doctor (Head of those who practice black magic good or bad) and the paramount chief of his land. Legend had it that no one acquires land to farm, build or do what so ever without his approval and no one practice sorcery without his approval as well. One scary thing that I learned was that no one kills another person without his approval. He was basically the law and nucleus of his chiefdom. He made it rain when there was a drought. He was said to be a man of great wealth a wealth that I knew only of in terms of thousands of acres of undeveloped rain forest that belongs to the Mah Saylee Family. These are things that I did not see but heard and learned by means of oral history. My grandfather on his dying bed forbids my father to take after his dealings with the dark side. His words according to my father was “keep on doing what you are doing with the strangers; basically the white man and do not come back here to take over what I have left, this is not for you or any of your children to come.…...

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