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Cooking Mama

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“Cooking MaMa” Project Proposal


1.1 Name: Cooking Mama(Cooking媽媽)
1.2 Project Leaders: CHEN Xin Jun ( ZENG Ke (
|Karen Fu |( |
|Karen Chan |( |
|Frankie Lai |( |
|Bernard Ng |( |
|Queenie Chung |( |
|Zoei Ti |( |
|Julie Ma |( |
|Winnie Yang |( |

1.3 Team Members:

1.4 Project Description:
This Project brings together college volunteers, surplus food and free kitchen spaces to create nutritious meals for people affected by food poverty in Hong Kong.
1.5 Project Objectives: 1.5.1 Provide regular free meals to the social vulnerable groups in Hong Kong; 1.5.2 Alleviate food wastage in Hong Kong.

1.6 Target Community: 1.6.1 Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council(香港聖公會福利協會); 1.6.2 Students from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (tentative).

1.7 Demonstration of SIFE Principles:

| |How will this be addressed? To whom will you teach these skills and how? |
|Market Economics |Develop an understanding of their target market, the size of this market, supply and demand|
| |issues, their customer supply chain. |
| | |
| |Also via Budgeting skills taught educating them regarding costs, revenue generation etc |
|Personal Success Skills |Communication skills (public speaking) |
| |Presentation skills |
| |Team work |
| |Basic budgeting |
|Entrepreneurship |A basic overview and education regarding the issues involved with starting a business |
| |including:- |
| |Project management |
| |Creation of business plan. |
| |Ideas generation |
| |Understanding their chosen market |
| | |
| |Homeless people will create their own business plans at the practical workshop. |
|Financial Literacy |Grant Writing skills i.e. the skills required to affect their personal financial management|
| |such as budgeting, understanding future earnings / incomings vs outgoings |
|Business Ethics |A general theme running all the way through the programme will be Business Ethics – |
| |consideration for attendees include:- |
| |How to ethically run a business? |
| |Scenario Planning / Case Studies |
| |HR policies for Staff Members including Equal Opportunities, Discrimination |
| |Ethics / Corporate Social Responsibility – Reputation |
| |Creation of a Mission Statement to include Values and Vision |
|Environmental Sustainability |Reuse unused food and protect the environment |


2.1 Outline:


2.2 Project Schedule (Tentative)

|Time |Objective |Core Activities |Materials |Remarks |
|Dec 2009 – |Prepare training course |Confirm biz workshops details |Information about | |
|Late | | |service targets | |
|Jan 2010 | | | | |
|Early –Mid |Find street markets and |Confirm at least one food donator |Food; | |
|Feb |local markets as food | |Venue and cooking | |
| |donators | |equipments; | |
| | | |Promotion materials | |
|Mid – Late |Finalize the cooking |- Recruitment and Selection; |All materials for the | |
|Feb |course and biz |- Confirm all attendees, guest |biz workshop; | |
| |workshops; |speakers and materials |Promotion and | |
| |Start recruitment | |recruitment materials | |
| | | |such as leaflets, | |
| | | |enrollment form, etc | |
|Mar 2010 |Official launch of biz |Biz workshop: |All materials for the | |
| |workshops for voluntary |- Food Safety & Hygiene; |biz workshop | |
| |Cooking Mamas |- Communication Skills; | | |
|Late April |1st phase evaluation; |- Collect and evaluate feedbacks |Evaluation forms |Future strategy such as |
| |Modify future plans; |from student volunteers and | |market expending will be |
| |Preperation for 2nd |counterpart organizations; | |discussed and depend |
| |Stage of Training |- Fund raising and publicity | |mainly on: |
| |provided by SVHK | | |-Willingness of |
| | | | |volunteers; |
| | | | |-Social recognition of |
| | | | |us; |
| | | | |-Our financial conditions|

*The job allocation details will be discussed further, depending on the actual workload.

2.3 Training Schedule:
|Date |Time |Contents |Guest Speaker |PIC |
|Mar 05,2010(Fri) |19:00-21:00 |Food I (Safety in Food Handing) | | |
|Mar 12,2010(Fri) |19:00-21:00 |Food II(Safety in Culinary Environment & | | |
| | |Nutrition) | | |
|Mar 19,2010(Fri) |19:00-21:00 |Communication I | | |
|Mar 26,2010(Fri) |19:00-21:00 |Communication II | | |
|TBC* |TBC |Site Vsiting of SHTM kitchen | | |

*Preferred Mar 13.

2.4 Venue: - Cooking Areas in PolyU Student Halls of Residence;

2.5 Content of Provision: - Depend on types of food collected.

2.6 Number of Participants: - Around 20 PolyU Students.

2.7 Number of Beneficiaries: - Around 100 person time of DECC (District Elderly Community Centre) elders within the first month of our project;


3.1 Food Safety Training


• The overall aim of this training course is to systematize the knowledge of the recruited cooking course instructors on three aspects: • Safety in Food Handling • Safety in Culinary Environment • Basic Nutrition Knowledge

• Trainees will reinforce the awareness of culinary workplace safety from this training course. This course also provides a platform for cooking experience communication and improvement.

3.1.2 LEARNING OUTCOMES On completion of this subject, trainees will: • Understand basic knowledge in food recognition and appropriate temperature in food storing and handling • Improve the awareness in food hygiene and personal hygiene, and know proper method to prevent food contamination • Master safe behaviours in culinary and personal protection • Know basic knowledge in nutrition


The training course will be divided into One-the-Job Training which is held in the kitchen, as well as seminars in classroom.


Part I: Safety in Food Handling

▪ Food Recognition and Handling Temperature ➢ Recognizing hazardous foods and their proper storage temperatures ➢ Knowing adequate cooking temperatures

▪ Personal and Food Hygiene ➢ Notice of personal hygiene ✓ Proper hand washing ✓ Proper dealing with hairs, fingernails, accessories ✓ Proper behaviour of coughing, fever or other disease ➢ Preventing contamination of food ➢ Cleaning and sanitizing procedures for utensils, surfaces and other kitchen equipment

▪ Food Borne Illness (Optional)

Part II: Safety in Culinary Environment

▪ Understand and grasp safe behaviours in culinary ➢ In processing food ➢ In moving in culinary workplace

▪ Protection of hazards (PPE)
Part III: Basic Nutrition Knowledge

▪ Understand basic healthy combination of food

▪ Learn typical ➢ Anti-cancer food ➢ Low-calorie food ➢ Healthy food for kid

3.2 Communication Skills Training


• The communication workshop aims to strengthen the interpersonal skills of the trainees: • The meaning of effective communication • Elements contributing effective communication • Handling complaints, solving problems and relationship building

• Trainees will attend the seminars by guest speakers (i.e. lecturers from PolyU), who have a profound background in educating effective communication. Workshops (e.g. role play and scenario discussion) will also be held for trainees to understand and practise for effective communication skills.


Upon completion of this subject, trainees will be able to: • Understand the meaning of effective communication and the essential qualities to achieve two-way communication;

• Apply the theories into different actual contexts and situations which help to improve their interpersonal skills;

• Maintain an open-minded attitude towards different people and be able to build a long-term relationship with people.


The communication training course is divided into two parts. The venue for training would be decided later (TBC).


Part I: What is the meaning of effective communication? (Seminar)

▪ Effective communication

➢ Recognize communication as a two-way process ➢ Understand that the use of language to convey meaning accurately ➢ Learn to communicate with others in order to strengthen the relationship between people

▪ Skills for effective communication - TONE ➢ Attitude (Open Minded) ✓ Respect ✓ Trust ✓ Appreciation ✓ Assurance ✓ Empathy ✓ Motivation

➢ Verbal Communication ✓ Positive language ✓ Responsive ✓ Active listening

➢ Non-verbal Communication (Body Language) ✓ TONE ✓ T – Touch (Personal Touch) ✓ O – Open Mind ✓ N – Nod (Assurance, Acknowledgement) ✓ E – Eye Contact (Respect & ensure continuous communication process)

Part II: Communication Skills (Workshop)

▪ Through case studies and live practises to develop the following techniques:

➢ Customer-relationship management ➢ Conflict resolution ➢ Personal quality development (attitude & body language)

▪ The workshop is the enhancement and application of the academic materials from seminar into real life, which equips participants with better understanding and command of the essentials of effective communication.

3.3 Business Skills Training (detailed to be confirmed with SVHK)


| |Amount HK$ |Remarks |
|Estimated Expenditure | | |
|(please list all relevant items) | | |
| | | |
|(1) Utensils |$300 | |
| | | |
|(2) Souvenir for guest speakers |$500 | |
| | | |
|(3) Promotion ( Posters, leaflets) |$1000 | |
| | | |
|(4) Raw Material Procurement |$700 | |
|Total Expenditure |$2500 | |


| |Evidence of implemented SIFE principles |
| |Detail how you will collect the results? |
|Market Economics | |
|Personal Success Skills | |
|Entrepreneurship | |
|Financial Literacy | |
|Business Ethics | |
|Environmental Sustainability | |


Training Courses


Recycled Food


Charity Organizations

Appendix 2

Appendix 2

Appendix 2

Appendix 2

Appendix 2

Appendix 2

Appendix 2

Appendix 2

Appendix 2

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