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Cool Jazz

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cool jazz - mood low tranquil, medium tempo. lyrical solos. arrangements. not improv gerry mulligan-bariton sax, chet baker, a little collective improv
Dave Brubeck-piano/composer. west coast scene, album TIME OUT. Take five famous song
Hard Bop-gospel and blues, simpler harmony than bebop. trumpet, tenor sax, piano, bass. - power ful explosive. horns: hard edged. rhythm section: groovy. IMPROV
Art Blakey- most powerful drummer. jazz messengers. schooled young musicians. jazz messngers were the prototype hard bop combo.
Sonny Rollins- Tenor sax of the hard bop style. influenced by Coleman Hawkins. rhythmic experimentation. repetition of a riff with variation
Jimmy Smith- Hammond B3 Organ- made organ respectable, organ trio- organ drums guitar playing the bass on the organs foot pedals. both hands and feet
Bill Evans- piano composer, lyrical sensitive and swinging. piano trio- equal play trio included: Scott Lafaro - Bass, Paul Motian - Drums
Free Jazz- Atonal, No form, Dissonance, High Energy, Collective Improv, Unusual ensemble,
Ornette Coleman -Alto,trumpet,commposer- free jazz, no set solos or form, double quartet.
Cecil Taylor-explosive pianist, aggressive. Drawn to percussive and physical aspect
John Coltrane- Tenor, Soprano Sax. Miles Davis Quintet-Hard Bop. Joined Monk Quartet. influence by Monks unorthodox recorded album Giant Steps. didnt play cool jazz, Kind of Blue, formed Coltrane Quartet
-McCoy Tyner- Piano, Jimmy Garrison-Bass, Elvin Jones- Drums made A love Supreme. free jazz
Miles Davis- trumpet, played some bebop, some cool jazz, modal jazz, jazz fusion.
-original trumpet style. birth of cool jazz, pioneered modal jazz, jazz-rock fusion. bitchesbrew
-middle range, melancholic sound, melodic soloist.
First Quintet- john coltrane-sax, red garland-piano,paul chambers-bass, phillyjoejones-drums
Sextet-added cannonball...

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