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Communication Theory Paper 2: Digging Deeper into Theory and Proposing a Study

* Due October 23 via email/Moodle Dropbox * 50 Points * 4+ pages, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 pt. font * Works Cited page required with at least 4 sources in APA, MLA, or Chicago Style

In this paper you will dig deeper into a specific theory and conduct scholarly research in Staley Library databases, Google Scholar, .edu websites, and other academic venues (books work too). The point will be to see what other researchers have found in their exploration of your chosen theory, and what you might add to the scholarly dialogue in your final class project.

Therefore, this second paper will take the form of a brief literature review and proposal, looking ahead to a possible study you could do in the final project. To produce a high-quality lit review and proposal for researching your theory, please address the following in your paper: 1. Briefly overview the theory you have chosen. Include developers of the theory, tradition it comes from, and main ideas of the theory. You might also include philosophical assumptions of the theory. This first section is a good chance to cite at least 1 article to help you explain the theory (or the textbook, which counts as a source). 2. Review some of the research/studies on your theory. Explain the main ideas of each study and what the researchers found (making sure to cite where you got the info). This is your literature review portion, so make sure to cite scholarly, academic sources. This section will involve explaining a few studies where researchers tested the theory with research. Usually this research involves surveys, interviews, observation, ethnography, or social/lab experiments. 3. Using those studies as a guide, propose a possible final project you could carry out to test the theory. It is not required…...

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