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1. Introduction 2 Company: IBM 2 Country: Dubai 3 2. IBM's objective 3 3. IBM Business Environment 4 Political: 4 Economic: 5 Social: 7 Technology: 8 4. Cultural factors and company strategy 10 Importance and information as part of IBM's marketing strategy: 11 The global environment with IBM's market planning: 13 5. Conclusion 13 6. References 14

1. Introduction

Company: IBM

IBM is a global leader in services of Technology Company which is active in 180 countries. IBM began his career in the early 20th century, the name Computing Tabulating-Recording Company. Now, IBM is providing services to the aerospace, defense, automotive, banking, construction, electronics, retail and telecommunications. IBM's contribution to the development of computer technology is higher than other companies. This report clearly describes changes in five IBM Business Environment. This report briefly reviews the various steps that led to changes in the world. These include the environment in earlier versions of IBM, which partly explains IBM, the type of activities, products and policies. Second, changes in the business environment for micro and macro environment, the effect of environmental factors. Third resolution SWOT analysis mortar disputes and analysis of five forces model Porter, contributing to the achievement of the company and, finally, a detailed analysis of economic developments and the recommendations, some better suggestions to help you perform better. The international company IBM Business Machines (IBM) develops and manufactures information technology (IT) systems and services worldwide. IBM Computing Tabulating-Recording Co. past and changed its name to International Business Machines Corporation, founded in 1924 by IBM in 1910, Armonk, New York. IBM's business environment is organized in a way that takes into account...

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