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families pays. It as also been said that apple has almost 100 billion stashed offshore and has created over a million jobs in china and other countries but has only created a little over a thousand jobs here the U.S
Although the negative publicity that apples suppliers have put out there has indeed had many individuals questioning apple corporation but it indeed has not decreased the sales of its products.
First-class Apple
Since the public criticism of its corporation Apple has been trying to take great strides to change the reputation of its company. When going to their website they now have a section for supplier responsibility, empowering workers and labor and human rights. All states “All over the world were expanding opportunities for workers and ensuring that they are treated with respect and dignity.” (apple website). The company is now ensuring that they protect there at risk workers by enforcing efforts of ending excessive work hours. In 2013 our suppliers have achieved a 95 percent compliance with the maximum 60 hour workweek. It looks as if their ultimate goal these days is to appear visible so that the world will know exactly what happingning with the company is. Apple has also launched its Supplier EHS Academy which is an 18 month program that provides training and education to any of applies suppliers. In 2013 over 240 factory personnel were sent to represent over 270,00 employees that were enrolled in the program. (applewebsite). I believe that apple can indeed continue on a good path to rebuilding their reputation. It indeed is sad that it took for their suppliers to call the company out in order for them to make a change. The choices they make affect not only the consumers that buy the products but those employees and their families.
There are two methods that apple can utilize to ensure that its suppliers adhere to the wedge and benefits. Once method is to enforce strict laws that force the suppliers to compile with regulations. The suppliers have been able to get away with certain things because there is no one to enforce the rules. All employees especially if they are working over a sixty hour work week. No matter what country they are in the workers should receive over minimum wage when working at these factories. I believe that they should base their earnings off the cost of living in an individual area. Enforcing this will allow all workers to be able to earn a decent living.
I believe the biggest reason that customers would be willing to pay more for its products in the future. I say this because apple products are considered to be the premium or top in the technology world. When you ask someone do they want and android product I.e. a Samsung most will respond by saying the are team Iphone. When you see celebrities most of them have Iphones, iPads Mac computers etc. Everyone knows that whatever the celebrities have is what the public wants. There is going to be that top 10% of Americans that are going to want to have something elusive and most believe that apple offers that for them. No matter the price of the product I believe that consumers will still continue to support apple. However like many other individuals would question with all the money that Apple Corporation has made why are they not able to their works a fair wage with the profits they already have. I believe that this would be the only reservation that consumers would have. Another question that would arise out of increase prices on their products would be is there a mismanage of money happening in the company? Although they would without a doubt pay the rates there would still be questions that apple would have to answer at some point.

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