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Online Class Compared to a Traditional Class
Abigail Walter
Rasmussen College

Author Note:
This research is being submitted on September 3, 2013 for English Composition at Rasmussen College by Abigail Walter.
Online Class Compared to a Traditional Class These days, there are many different ways for students to access higher education. Students can enroll in a traditional program, attending classes and accessing educational resources on campus. You can also enroll in an all-online program, in which the majority of your schoolwork and communications are completed via the Internet. Or there's the in-between option: blended learning environments that combine on-campus and online coursework. Online and traditional classes both have teachers and books but a traditional class is face to face contact with a teacher unlike an online class were you only have email and phone calls to communicate with . A major difference is flexibility because online you can choose your own time to work and traditional you have a specific time to be at school. Online courses typically allow students to work on their own time, which means that they can complete their coursework at the time and place of their choosing. This is often ideal for working students or single parents who need a flexible schedule. However, students who struggle to be self-motivated may find that they quickly fall behind because they aren’t used to doing stuff on their own and they need that face to face help with a teacher. Traditional classes may be flexible but usually they have scheduled classes and you can’t make your own time to be there. (ALMEDA University, 2009)
The next major difference is communication because online you have to send emails or talk on a phone and traditional you can have that face to face conversation. Gone are the days when distance learning meant that you had to correspond with...

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