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Over the past three decades, From the dream of a group of sisters thirty-three years ago, the institution has blossomed and will continue to grow for many years to come, always adherent to its mission of serving mankind with commitment, competence, compassion, loyalty, and love. One of the courses offered is the Bachelor of Hotel and Restaurant Management. When they have reached their final last year in the College, they are required to undergo to their On-the-Job Training these are offered in every College or University in any course to prepare their students in facing the challenges of the real life such as landing their job. The employability of every applicant is not measured by the lessons they have learned inside the school but the type of training and potentials has been developed. Hence, On-the-Job Training plays a vital role the life of every student because these training are on big factor landing their preferred jobs. Most of the companies nowadays hire their personnel who are equipped of adequate skills and knowledge and capable of performing such duties and responsibilities maybe assigned.

The On-the-Job Training is one of the important for parents who want better future for their youth. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the processes of training and development. The course covers components of training design, including needs assessment, objectives, and evaluation and presentation styles, that is being engaged in Hotel and Restaurant Management and from that would involved with the certain task and for the reality that is being seek with the reality that was for intended to take the reality of life and from the students taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management, having balanced curriculum, modern facilities, competent faculty and dedicated…...

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