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Argumentative Essay on Dating
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In the men’s world today, a lot of the husbands still think making money is their responsibility, while housekeeping, cooking, and taking care of the children are the responsibilities of their wives, regardless if they have daily jobs or not. Therefore, women are doing a lot of extra works and accumulating a lot of stress, while the men are relaxing with beers and chips watching television. But now days some husbands are doing all the works at home, in exchange for respect and obedience from their wives when they are outside with friends. The perception of how men and women see each other from now and before time has changed drastically. Even the aspect of the dating point of view has changed.
Men are out for either lust or love and usually do not mix them up. When a man is out for lust, all that he really desires from her is sex. He does not take her seriously and does not have intentions of ending up with her. He basically is just in it for fun. When a man is out for love, he will wait much longer because he desires more than just sex. He desires her. Then, one of the things a man prefers is purity. The reason why a man prefers purity is because he does have or could have feelings for her. When a man is in love with a woman and she has never been with another man, it will make him feel good. But when a man is in love with a woman and she has been with other men, it will bother him. And the more men there have been, the more it may bother him and the harder it may be for him to accept. The way to tell if a man has serious intentions is if he waits a long time and gives her a commitment. Purity has been important to men from the beginning of recorded history. Several thousands of years ago, the ancient Greeks encouraged homosexual acts among men so that...

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