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Copyright is a major issue in today’s world of electronic media, where copying and pirating has become a major threat to the entertainment industry. No matter how protective they make their software or entertainment, the hackers out there still know the cheap and effective way of breaking into the information. It is a known fact that just a couple of centuries ago; copying was not only considered as a protective means of preserving the old texts but was also highly appreciated by the people. But with the development of printing press technology, this concept was slightly changed as now copying was regarded as a theft from the original content. This made the writers of the past to make copyright laws that would protect the individual work

The three systems defined in this paper deal with copyright issue of digital media. The system defined here are the ones that are in bad need of a proper copyright scheme as these digital media content are the ones that are most effected by the piracy and copying issues. The copying of any of these contents results in the decrease revenue for the author, hence discouraging the author for producing a better kind of media for later use.

The first system defined is the Giovanni, which is digital watermarking technology for audio media. The basic idea of this company is to produce audio that is watermarked with waves that are inaudible to the human ear. Giovanni maintains the functionality of copyright targets by keeping archives and provide maintenance to the author. Yet, it does not restrict any access of the eligible person. The second system proposed is the Content Scrambling System, which is embedded in DVDs and DVD players. This system provides copyright by embedding encrypted region codes into the DVDs that allows the DVDs to be played in only the available regions encoded in the contents of the DVD. The DVD player then...

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