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Corn Cobs as Filter Material

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Water pollution poses great threat to human health. Because of this, natural filters are recommended for use. This study evaluated the potential of corn cobs as an alternative filter material in the removal of impurities in water by measuring the flow rate, pH level and the color of the filtered sample.
The corn cobs were grinded and activated using water and vinegar with the ratio of 1:3 and served as the alternative filter material. The activated carbon were placed in a transparent tube at varying thickness and served as treatments T1 (0.5 inch), T2 (0.75 inch), T3 (1 inch), and T4 (control).
Results showed that T1 has the fastest flow rate, T3 has the highest pH level and lightest color. Statistical analysis showed that there is a significant difference on the flow rate among the four samples. The pH level among T1, T2 and T4 are not significantly different with each other but significantly different with T3. These lead to conclusion that the flow rate increases as the thickness of the filter material decreases. On the other hand, the pH level and the lightness value increases as the thickness of the filter increases
Key words: corn cobs, activated carbon, filter, flow rate, pH level


The researchers would like to express their gratitude and appreciation to the following:
Mrs. Felerma G. Urbano, their research adviser, for the patience, moral support and encouragement she gave to keep moving even if the work was hard.
Sir. Edgar Flores, Science Research Specialist II at the Philippine Center for Post-Harvest Development and Mechanization (PHILMECH), as the consultant of the researchers for suggesting and giving the researchers ideas for the development of the study and for the help in doing the research paper.
Engr. Andres Tuates Jr., Science Research Specialist Bioprocess Engineering Division at the Philippine Center for Post-Harvest Development and Mechanization (PHILMECH), for the moral support, help in conducting the study and providing the needed equipment.
Engr. Aileen R. Ligisan, Science Research Specialist at PHILMECH, for the guidance and assistance while conducting the study.
Mr. Sherwin M. Hidalgo, Project Manager of University of Business Affairs Program (UBAP) in Rice Module in Central Luzon State University (CLSU) for giving the researchers the needed materials and important informations for the progress of the study.
Beloved parents of the researchers who provided financial and moral support, encouragement, understanding and love.

And most of all to Almighty God, who enriched them with endless strength, wisdom and guidance while gathering informations.

-The Researchers


Background of the Study 1 Objective of the Study 2 Hypotheses of the Study 2 Significance of the Study 3 Scope and Limitations 3 Review of Related Literature 4
Review of Related Studies 11
Definition of Terms 13
Research Paradigm 14
Gathering of Materials 15 Preparation of Corn cobs and Aqueous Solution 15 Activation of Corn cobs 15 Filter Making 16 Data Gathering 17 Statistical Analysis 17 Flow Diagram 18
Flow Rate 19 pH Level 20 Color 21


Table No. Title Page

1 Computed flow rate (ml/m) 19 2 pH level of filtered water 20 3 Lightness of the color of the filtered samples 21


Figure No. Title Page

1 Variables involved in the study 14
2 Experimental Set-up 16
3 Procedures employed in the study 18


Figure No. Title Page

1 Letter of Request 26 2 Clearance 27


Table No. Title Page

1 Filtered water collected in two minutes (ml) 28 2 Analysis of variance in flow rate 28 3 Analysis of variance in pH level 29 4 Analysis of variance in lightness of the color 29

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