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Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies
BUS508 Contemporary Business
Spring Smith
July 19, 2015
Ann Sams

In this essay it will discuss Apple’s current position about social and ethical responsibilities of the company. The essay will list at least two examples to support the statement. The essay will discuss impacts about the publication of ethics and social violations made by the Company suppliers and it will also have a support response of an example. The essay will continue to determine two methods the company can utilize to make sure that the suppliers adhere benefits and wages will go forward. The essay will determine if customers would be willing to pay more if the Company increases the prices to better benefits and wages for suppliers’ workers. The last topic on the essay will discuss Apple’s overall strategy, and it will list two actions the Company can take to exceed competitive advantage in the business.

Apple’s ethics and corporate social authority are at the highest levels for the company and consumers. Apple are faced with different questions from their consumers and stockholders regarding Apple’s ethical and social authority (Munson, 2014). Apple ethics includes anything from how they advertise to the way they hire. Apple depends on their employees who represent the company and on their customers, to represent a trustful image that is together with objectives and goals in the company.
Apple’s position on their ethical and social responsibilities includes transparency, in which a reduction of the environmental safeguarding and impact on the well-being and health of their employees. The commitment the company Utilize on transparency publishes their history whether it is bad or good. Apple also became the first company to join the Fair Labor Association (Apple, 2013). The company trained over 350 employees on safety issues and 95…...

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