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Corperate Culture

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|Source 1 |
|Title: |Enterprise Culture: The Headspring of the Enterprise Competition Ability |
|Reference: |Zhaojiang Dong |
| |Journal of Social Sciences 2013. Vol.1, No.5, 23-26 |
|How will this source will be|This source gives a general definition of corporate culture and the role it playing in company for decision |
|useful? |making as well as strengthen the sense of cohesion of employers. |
| | |
| |I am going to use these useful points in my essay—the part of the definition of enterprise culture. |
|In which part of my essay |Besides, I attempt to analyze and evaluate the definition the source refer to. |
|will I use it? | |
| | |
|Key points to paraphrase or |Thesis Statement: |
|quote |In this article, author thinks that the enterprise culture is headspring of enterprise competition ability, |
| |that the value chain is the…...

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