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Corporate Background of Davao Packaging Corporation

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|Corporate Profile |

|Davao Packaging Corporation (DAPACOR) is the premier producer of world class packaging products targeting the agricultural, |
|industrial, and consumer markets. |
|DAPACOR's core products include: corrugated carton boxes, plastic films and sheets, synthetic twine, sticker labels, and |
|recycled resins. DAPACOR is an organization of skilled individuals dedicated to the pursuit of Quality, Excellence and |
|Innovation. It has highly-advanced and state-of-the-art equipment that boost its capabilities to exceed its customers' |
|expectations. |
|DAPACOR's customers are assured to get on-time delivery, all over the world, of high quality and modern packaging that is |
|tailor-made for their specific needs, helping them to excel in their own highly competitive industries. |
|In its more than 25 years of customer focused service, DAPACOR evolved from a production center of...

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