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Corporate Ethics and Government

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Corporate Ethics and Government assignment


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Corporate Ethics and Government assignment
In recent past, corporate ethics and governance has attracted a great deal of public interest due to its apparent importance in the economic health of corporations and society. In general, corporate ethics and governance include the relationship of the company to its shareholders as well as the society. It also includes promotion of fairness, transparency, accountability in references to the mechanism used in the governance so that the actions taken are consistent with the shareholders interest. Therefore, to ensure that corporate ethics and governance is properly addressed, issues of transparency, accountability, measures of risk management, proper information flow both vertical and horizontal should be properly addressed. This will help the companies to adopt the appropriate legal compliance mechanisms to ensure that ethics and conduct of issues are formally addressed.
However, compliance of corporate ethics and governance do not come in handy. There are several issues hurdles that several companies and organizations have undergone in achieving these milestones. This has made this topic to be widely discussed especially in the media as will be demonstrated in the articles that will be discussed here after. Most of the newspapers have taken this issue with a lot of seriousness and dedicated their time to discuss this topic wide and in depth. Therefore, several newspaper articles will be used to demonstrate this.
Irish times on 3rd February 2014, Peter Murtagh published an article about ‘Government should do more to Counter Corruption’. This is according to the report that 81% of the people in the country say that corruption is widespread in the country. This therefore calls for the government…...

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