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Corporate Financial Reporting

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Disclosure of BASs & BFRSs
Golden Harvest Agro Industries Ltd. & Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills

United International University QUEST FOR EXCELLENCE acade Report On:
Golden Harvest Agro Industries Ltd. & Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Limited

Disclosure of BASs & BFRSs

Course Title: Corporate Financial Reporting
Course Code: AIS 4303
Submitted To:
James Bakul Sarkar
Assistant Professor & Deputy Director, BBA Program
United International University

Submitted By: Name | ID | Section | Fyaz Mahbub Rohan | 114 121 025 | A | Md. Ariful Islam | 114 121 045 | | Md. Hasan Alif | 114 121 091 | | Safayet Mustafa | 114 121 107 | | Ahmed Zubaier | 114 121 020 | | Anik Kumar Das | 114 121 064 | | Moniruzzaman Khan | 114 131 048 | |

Date of Submission: 20th April 2016
Fyaz Mahbub Rohan (114 121 025): a. Front Page DesignContribution of Group Members

b. Introduction c. Summary of BAS s & BFRSs d. Company Overview e. Disclosure of BAS s & BFRSs f. Conclusion g. Data Collection
Md. Ariful Islam (114 121 045) a. Letter of Transmittal b. Executive Summary c. Introduction d. Summary of BAS s & BFRSs e. Disclosure of BAS s & BFRSs
Md. Hasan Alif(114 121 091) a. Summary of BAS s & BFRSs b. Disclosure of BAS s & BFRSs c. Conclusion d. Introduction e. Data Collection
Safayet Mustafa (114 121 107) a. Company Overview b. Disclosure of BAS s & BFRSs c. Conclusion d. Data Collection
Ahmed Zubaier (114 121 020) a. Summary of BAS s & BFRSs b. Disclosure of BAS s & BFRSs c. Conclusion d. Data Collection
Anik Kumar Das (114 121 064) a. Summary of BAS s &...

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