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Corporate Givernance

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Executive Summary
Most successful organisations adhere to corporate governance principles, and as their environments change, so should the system in order to adapt and improve. This paper reviews the corporate governance aspects of Scouts Victoria.

As an organisation with a hybrid of volunteer and paid staff, Scouts Victoria provides an interesting insight of how corporate governance methodologies can be adopted.
The organisation is well advanced in its values and policies, and has established policies around board appointments and organisation management. While recognising this, there are also opportunities for improving processes, giving greater community confidence that one of their iconic volunteer organisations is professionally managed and focused on delivering well-structured programs for the youth of Victoria.

Contents Introduction 3 Principles of Good Governance in the Not For Profit Sector 3 Regulatory Framework 3 Role and Responsibilities - The Board's Effectiveness 4 Board Composition – the right people 5 Vision and Strategy 6 Recognition and Management of Risk 6 Volunteer Training 6 Organisational Performance 7 Board Effectiveness 8 Integrity & Accountability 9 Organisation Building 9 Culture & Ethics 9 Engagement 10 Conclusion 10 Recommendations 11

The idea of Corporate Governance has been in existence since the days of the spice trade and monopolies of the trading companies that opened trade between Asia and Europe in the 1600s and beyond.

The phrase became more popular in Australia during the 1980’s & 1990’s after the excesses and failures of organisations such as Bond Corp, and Quintex.
With the advent of the Enron crash in 2001, as well as the global financial crisis in 2007, most countries with advanced economies have...

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