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The board meeting conducted by the board of directors of Juices Ltd in December 2010 revealed a new proposal for Juices Ltd to acquire the juice container manufacturing business owner by Fruit juice containers Pty Ltd, $48 million being the settlement price. The proposal was duly considered important as Juices Ltd operated an apple and pear juice producing business and owned ore hands around Australia and the juice container manufacturing business can provide Juice Ltd’s juice containers to the customer who already falls under Juice Ltd’s target market. In order to broaden the domain of its business the proposal was put forward by Chen who is a non executive director of the company though all the board members were suppose to be present in the board meeting else one of the non executive director could non- attend the meeting as on the same day and time she met with an accident and broke her arms and unable to receive treatment from the emergency department of the local hospital. The company managing director Uma was authorized the chairman Jack to acquisition within 10 minutes. Though the company’s chief financial officers Isaacs financial report was presented on the impact of the acquisition but unfortunately he was forbidden to participate in the board meeting and gain or deliver any views in regards to the business proposals. Though it was decided in the meeting to approve the acquisition and signing up of the contract by Uma to look took over the business on behalf of Juice’s lacking was detected in wrong financial analysis of $48 million purchase price which was an improper and over channelization of company’s fund. Moreover it was also revealed that the board of directors was not aware of the fact that most of the shares newly taken over the company FJC Pty Ltd were owned by Chen’s family company.
$48 million...

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