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Date: 9/1/2014
To: My Manager
From: Alton Chinnery
Subject: Corporate Memo
Based on my research about communication via web, I came up with a great idea for our manager to communicate with us. I think Citrix Gotomeeting would be idle and the perfect software to communicate with one another at the job sights. It’s great for weekly conference calls. Gotomeeting would have a capacity of approximate 1 to 1000 people per conference. It’s fast and has a variety of options to conference with, for example you can be able to video chat with other people on your team, at the same time. This software will allow you to video chat, audio chat, and privately chat with any member you would like to. “High-quality integrated service with unlimited meetings, free mobile apps, IM, and simultaneous video and screen sharing” (M. Heller GoToMeeting Vs MyTruecloud)

Program Capacity Supported OS Audio Support Video Support Chat Support Desktop Sharing
Yuuguu 1-30 Windows
Linux No No Yes Yes
PowWow365 1-500 Windows
Linux Yes No Yes Yes
LiveOn 1-1000 Windows Yes Yes Yes No
Citrix Gotomeeting 1-1000 Windows
Mac Yes Yes Yes yes
Drum web meeting 1-50 Windows
Linux Yes No No No
ICU Live 1-36 Windows Yes Yes Yes Yes
Based on my research there are a lot of great software programs for conference and video chat, but I believe that Gotomeeting would have much more than they carry. This video chat would provide great service which means the signal would not drop; Audio would be perfect as if you were speaking in person” With this online meeting service, you can hold meetings using traditional toll or toll-free networks, call-in/call-out services and VoIP” (K. Dunn Web Conferencing review). If at any time during the conference there assignments where it would have to be put together, by the touch of a button you would be able to sync in everything together. For comparison Citrix Gotomeeting provides audio support, video support, chat support, and desktop sharing. Whereas Drum web meeting only supports audio as the table shows below.

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