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Corporate Responsibility and Society

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John Brevard
M5990 – Corporate Responsibility & Society
November 24, 2013

Week #5
Short Written Assignment

Pinto Fires and Personal Ethics: A Script Analysis of Missed Opportunities by Dennis A. Gioia, is a sad article which focuses on the moral muteness of the author during his experience at the Ford Motor Company. However, before providing an analysis, several definitions are required: * Generalization Test – There must be a reason for an action and it should be consistent and based on one’s understanding of how the world works, with the assumption that everyone who has the same reason will act the same way.

* Utilitarian Test - An action is ethical only if no other available action creates greater total net utility, i.e., there should be an ultimate end that might be called utility.

* Virtue Test - Requires one to act in a way that is logically consistent with who they are in regards to their virtues and integrity.

* Liberty Principle - Defined as a policy must result in the greatest basic liberty for everyone. It addresses autonomy.

* Difference Principle - Defined as a policy must not create inequality unless it results in the greatest benefit for the least advantaged, applies to allocations of utility, e.g., a company’s wage scale.

A “child of the 60’s”, Goiai seemed to have a strong value system that led him to question the perspectives and practices he observed in the world. A distaste of the Vietnam War, railing against the unethical conduct of big business at the time, Goiai, after receiving his MBA in 1972, conducted an about-face and accepted a position with the Ford Motor Company in an attempt to influence social change by “being on the inside”. However, once inside of Ford, Gioia, working as a Field Recall Coordinator (FRC) in 1973, got caught up in the challenge and great pay the...

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