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Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity in the Modern Workplace.


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Introduction to Management: Unit 8 Assignment

• Explain which of the eight steps from “Sherman’s Eight Steps towards Integrity” apply to Dalman and the Location Manager in this particular situation and why.

The Eight Steps toward Integrity include: doing what we say we will do, doing the right thing, taking responsibility, supporting our own weight, holistic thinking, checking the mirror, defining the rules and values. The first step is doing what we say we will do which “includes keeping promises and meeting deadlines… —and often, tough negotiation—prior to making commitments.” (Stratford Sherman). Doing the right thing includes being aware of what’s right and performing the right actions. This also includes accepting the consequences. Taking responsibility is simply taking responsibility for your actions. Supporting your own weight “means functioning as a whole.” (Stratford Sherman). Holistic thinking is “an appreciation of wholeness in the world supports its practice.” (Stratford Sherman). Checking the mirror is taking the time to do an honest review of you or as Sherman said pause for reflection. Defining the rules and values is simply rules about the basics that can be applied to almost anything from couples to organizations.

The new laws that Sandwich Blitz is in violation with needs to be corrected. The enclosure that houses the trash dumpster is five feet from the property line. The government inspector has told the unit manager that he would be willing to approve this if Sandwich Blitz provides the food for his department's holiday party. In consideration of the eight steps towards integrity some of these steps do apply to what Dalman and the Location Manager need to consider. Here is the breakdown of what I think.

• Dalman and the Location Manager need to figure out what deadline they can agree to and then

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