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Presented to:
Mr. John Lee Botor

For the subject
Corporate Social Responsibility

1st Semester A.Y. 2012-2013

Presented by:
Almocera, Ma. Kresna Clara
Docusin, Czharin S.
Tayab Elizabeth

September 27, 2012

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Mission &Vision

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To sell a nutritious food having that distinctive taste, the people will always remember and crave for; with the desire to give the best service, and quality-ensured products.


To be patronized superiorly and be able to deliver service internationally and that when people speak of mango, the first thing that comes in their mind is “Mangga Sarap”.

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Name of the Firm

The business will be named “Mangifera Indica” Corporation”. It is derived from the latin word of mango.

Our trade name will be “Mangga Sarap”, a catchy one. With the purpose of making the name sound appetizing for the customers.

Business Description

Mangifera Indica Coporation will be introducing “Mangga Sarap” knowing the craving of “Pinoy” in all ages to mango, with salty shrimps (bagoong alamang) as its best match. It will initially operate as a small business entity with a stall, targeting to open several branches within Metro Manila area for it to be more accessible to consumers. “Mangga Sarap” will be known not only for its delicious delicacies, and quality service, but also as a Corporate Social Responsible Business whose main goal is customers’ satisfaction, and a company whose part of profit benefits various charitable institutions and for calamity relieves.

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Corporate Social Resposibility

Mangoes AFFINITY with People, Society & Environment


Carabao Mango P20.00 [1 tbsp of bagoong ]

Singkamas P10.00 [ ½ tbsp of bagoong ]

I like I like! Take out Box P2.00 Take out Cup & lid P1.00


Mangoes AFFINITY with People, Society & Environment

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We are committed to providing customers with innovative and socially responsible service, and quality-ensured products.

• To ensure the health and safety of the customers we provide quality-ensured products and give the health benefits of green mango such as;

α Eating unriped mangoes with salt prevents the excessive loss of waterfrom the body and helps to quenches our thirst.In addition,it also protects us from the negative effects of very high temperature.

α Unriped mangoes are extremely beneficial in treating blood disorders because of its high vitamin C content. It increases the elasticity of the blood vessels and helps the formation of new blood cells. It aids in the absorption of iron and prevents bleeding tendencies. It increases body resistance against tuberculosis, anemia, cholera and dysentery.

α unriped mangoes have more Antioxidants and Vitamin C than riped mangoes.These antioxidant properties protects the body against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

α It is helpful in treating morning sickness. being rich source of Vitamin C,it improves stamina and helps to fight against diseases and improving your memory.

• To enhance customer value, treating poor people as consumers and business partners, rather than economically irrelevant beneficiaries;

Some actions that we practice when dealing with customers are:

• Make sure brochures are written in plain English, telling the truth without hiding anything in the 'small print'.

• We are open and honest about our products and services. Tell customers what they want to know, including what steps we take to be socially responsible.

• If something goes wrong, we acknowledge the problem and deal with it. (In return, you can expect customers to reward you with their loyalty. Listening to your consumers can also help you improve the products and services you offer them)

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We understand that attracting and retaining the best possible people is paramount, Mangifera Indica Company believes in dignity and good welfare of every employee.

Diversity in the workforce

• Mangga Sarap is committed to providing an environment in which all employees are treated fairly and equitably.

• ensuring that gender, race, age & religion is not a factor in remuneration

• listen to and, where possible, act on employee suggestions, ideas requests and complaints.

Employee Assistant Program

• Through Employee Assistant program (EAP), employee can work part-time job arrangement to attend to their education /studies.

Employee benefits Mangifera Indica offers employees a benefits program designed to meet their personal and professional needs under the three streams of Healthy, Wealthy and Happy. • The healthy component offers employees an annual executive health check-up as well as a Philhealth Insurance program available to all staff, protect employees from avoidable injuries and illness in the workplace. • The wealthy component offers our people a wide range of financial benefits, provide Job & compensation that improve employees working condition, contribution to government agencies such as Social Security System (SSS) & Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF or Pag-ibig fund) contribution. • Lastly, the happy component offers discounts on our retail products.

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Our aim is to be a quality investment for our shareholders by driving efficiencies, identifying strategic opportunities and ensuring our leaders are committed to the company performance. It is also our responsibility to provide shareholders with honest and clearly understandable information about our operations.

• Mangiferea Indica is striving to strengthen ethical business management, legal compliance and integrity management to provide positive contributions to the advancement of the society in which we operate.

• Mangifera Indica considers the importance of detailed corruption prevention measures in order to protect the company from undue negative business impacts caused by unethical conduct. Recognizing this, we have been striving to improve our integrity management and legal compliance through a strengthened compliance management structure, as well as employee training in business ethics to cultivate an organizational culture that stresses compliance.

• Mangifera Indica promotes transparency and accountability using an advanced corporate governance structure. Full support is extended to the board of directors to facilitate creative management with the ultimate goal of maximizing corporate value while every effort is made to enhance shareholder value and rights. The board of directors addresses issues as stipulated in related laws and the company’s Articles of Incorporation, and is responsible for overseeing basic policies and major issues concerning the company’s operations

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Mangifera Indica believes that it is important to establish relations of trust with suppliers that foster mutual prosperity. Accordingly, in our purchasing operations we respect good manners, stress fair, impartial and sincere responses, abide by laws and regulations, keep dealings free from personal interests and act according to societal norms.

The Company has prepared a business transaction guidebook that presents and explains to suppliers Mangifera Indica's attitudes to purchasing and dealings with suppliers.

Mangifera Indica Corp. Puchasing Policies

1. Purchasing attitudes o Magifera indica's buyers will be polite to suppliers, and conduct their dealings with suppliers in a fair, just and sincere manner. o Magifera indica's will responsibly carry out purchasing activities, practicing good manners and following the dictates of common sense. o Magifera indica's buyers will maintain friendly relationships with suppliers, but have no personal interest with them. o Magifera indica's buyers accomplish dealings in compliance with relevant laws, rules, in-house regulations and societal norms.
2. Dealings with suppliers o During the selection of suppliers, we will consider quality, price, lead times, continuity of supply, environmental preservation, finances, human rights, occupational health and safety, the introduction of IT and other factors. We will make fair and impartial evaluations and selections based on rational standards. o We will not receive gifts of money or other valuable articles from suppliers, and will make no personal requests of them. o We will not receive treatment or entertainment from suppliers that defies social common sense. o We will not force suppliers to purchase Magifera indica's products. o If suppliers provide us with information that is confidential, we will strictly manage the information and maintain its confidentiality. o We will promote green procurement, always taking environmental protection into account. o We will not acquire private equity in supplier corporations nor purchase shares based on information not disclosed to the general public. o In the eventuality of accidents or complaints, we will always respond swiftly and take thorough measures to prevent recurrence.

• We choose our suppliers carefully, its important part of our approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR). We use local suppliers. So that we support our community and also reduces the energy wasted and carbon emissions from deliveries.

We also treat our suppliers fairly, particularly smaller businesses like being paid on time.
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Communities & Environment

Mangifera Indica proudly supports the communities in which it operates through our community investment strategy, which is made up of three elements – community partnerships, staff initiatives and shareholder initiatives.

Community Partnerships
Our community partnerships support projects that help develop our nation's youth. Our focus on partnerships, rather than one-off donations, means we can create truly meaningful relationships with our partners and allow our employees and customers to be more involved.

Philippine Red Cross ABS-CBN Foundation

Employee initiatives

Workplace Giving Program
This program allows our staff to donate to any Philippines charity directly from their pre-tax pay. Employees can provide ongoing support to the charity of their choice by donating a nominated amount from their pay each fortnight. These donations are deducted from pre-tax salaries, providing staff with an immediate tax benefit.

Shareholder initiatives

Investing in Hope
We are proud to be have the opportunity to donate part of their bi-annual dividend to charity. This simple method of donation allows shareholders to support Philippine Charity Foundations.

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Magifera Indica is committed to protecting the environment through responsible operating practices.

Our objectives

Our commitment to environmentally-friendly operating practices is demonstrated through the following objectives: • Complying with or exceeding all applicable governmental regulations • Implementing waste management practices and promoting waste reduction and recycling, and making environmentally conscious purchasing decisions • Reducing and preventing pollution, including minimizing travel by alternative commuting options • Promoting the development and use of sustainable facilities, continuously striving for greener buildings and workplaces

Our outreach

Our members participate extensively in community service activities that improve the environment within the communities in which we live and work. These activities include company-wide initiatives to commemorate Earth Month and Earth Hour.

We supported the following; Go Green Philippines “plant a tree save the community” Greenpeace Philippines Ecowaste Coalition “Prevent plastic pollution Go Reusable”

This industry/ company tries to manage all wastes produced within its premises and collects, stores and processes it’s biodegradable wastes such as paper cups, paper box after they have thrown in our given trash can. By using the Paper Shredder Machine, the materials received from recycling can be utilised as a raw materials of component used for the production of new materials made in paper.

For the turnip peeling and mango husks, composting is a great alternative to using your disposal. When done properly, it doesn’t create odors, instead, it creates rich fertilizer for your garden or potted plants.

The company also produces toothpaste out of mango seed, and jellies out of mango peelings. Whatever income we are getting in the toothpaste and jellies will be going to our charity and also one of the practices of the company is to be a stepping stone for the donation of materials and/or cash to the “Kabatang Inyong Dapat Suportahan (K.I.D.S.) Foundation,Inc.”, that aims to preserve and protect the rights of Filipino children and to safeguard the children’s right to be a child.

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