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Corporate Sustainability in Marketing Manager's Career

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How do you plan to incorporate 7 levels of Corporate Sustainability in your career and the 5 principles of Environmental Law 1. In my future career as Manager, I would like to work for organizations that cater to the Triple bottom Line and works not only towards profit but also towards the betterment of the Planet and the People. As such I would like to become a “responsible Manager”- who fulfils his duties not only towards the company but towards the environment and future generations by using resources responsibly, reducing the individual and organization’s ecological footprint and engage actively in Corporate Social Responsibility, not under obligatory pressure but with a sense of responsibility towards the society and environment on which it depends. As an individual, I believe that every individual has a fundamental duty and non-negotiable responsibility to be “environmentally responsible”- to try and mitigate the toll that Mother Nature is already been through in the name of Industrialisation and globalization. I strongly feel that everyone has not only a responsibility towards one’s self and one’s organization – but also towards the environment.
Hence, it is important for me to choose an organization whose goals and corporate vision are aligned with this perspective. The closer the fit between my individual objectives and the organization- the higher my productivity and loyalty towards the Company.

My responsibility as a responsible Marketing Manager- The scope and responsibility of a Marketing manger to implement the 7 levels of Corporate Sustainability is immense. This is how I plan to implement and incorporate the 7 levels into my chosen career.

Financial- Business profitability –every manager, irrespective of his role and the functional domain to which he belongs is expected to contribute, either directly or indirectly to the top and the...

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